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Examples of "goepper"
Two months after he committed the Aug. 8, 2014 crimes, Goepper, his father and his attorney met with the officer involved with the incident and confessed, attributing his actions to his depression and anxiety attacks.
On March 26, 2011 Dumont hosted the 3rd Dumont Cup, changing up the course from the previous years. Nick Goepper got first followed by Gus Kensworthy and Jacob Wester in second and third.
The fourth annual Dumont cup took place March 24, 2012 despite record-high temperatures and low snow levels. Gus Kenworthy, 2011's runner-up, placed first. Nick Goepper placed second followed by Joss Christensen who placed third.
The fifth day was the final day of events for the 2015 Winter X Games, starting off with the Women's Snowboard Slopestyle Final in the morning. Norwegian Silje Norendal came in first place, with American Jamie Anderson coming in second and New Zealand Christy Prior coming in third place. American skier Nick Goepper won the Slopestyle final, with American Joss Christensen placing second.
Perfect North was also where notable Olympic Freestyle Skier Nick Goepper got his start. Growing up about 15 minutes from the slopes, Nick used to spend up to 12 hours a day training at Perfect North before beginning his track to stardom and eventually competing in the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.
Joss Christensen (born December 20, 1991) is an American freestyle skier from Park City, Utah. Christensen's highest accolade to date is winning a gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Joss was the coaches' discretionary pick for the Men's Ski Slopestyle team, joining Gus Kenworthy, Bobby Brown, and Nick Goepper.
Ski: Devin Logan, Bobby Brown, Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, Maggie Voisin, Keri Herman, Nadia Gonzales, Lyman Currier, Nicholas Goepper, Thomas Wallisch, McRae Williams, Russell Henshaw, Luca Tribondeau, Evan McEachran, Isabel Atkin, James Woods, Katie Summerhayes, Lisa Zimmermann, Silvia Bertagna, Johanne Killi, Tiril Sjaastad Christiansen, Oystein Braaten, Josiah Wells, Giulia Tanno, Elias Ambuehl, Andri Ragettli, Emma Dahlstrom, Oscar Wester.
Nick Goepper (born March 14, 1994 ) is an American freeskier from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. He has won three gold medals and a silver at the Winter X Games in the Slopestyle contest, as well as a bronze medal at the Olympic games.
The fourth day began with the Men's Ski Slopestyle final in the morning, followed by the Women's Ski Slopestyle final in the afternoon. In the men's final, Nick Goepper came in first, Joss Christensen came in second, and Alex Bellemare came in third place. In the women's final, Swedish Emma Dahlström placed first. American Keri Herman came in second place followed by Canadian Dara Howell in third place.