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Examples of "golladay"
Wide Receiver – Kenny Golladay, Northern Illinois
Wide Receiver – Kenny Golladay, Northern Illinois
In 2003, Golladay joined American Ballet Theatre as a corps de ballet dancer.
Golladay left San Francisco Ballet at the end of the 2001 Season and joined Houston Ballet.
In the summer of 2012, Golladay left American Ballet Theatre and retired from dancing.
Golladay Hall is a historic mansion in Grenada, Mississippi, USA. It was built in the 1850s on a Southern plantation for the Golladay family, members of the Southern aristocracy from Tennessee who owned plantations and invested in railroads. The mansion was used by Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States of America, during the American Civil War. In 1932, a Golladay heiress was murdered inside the house. The mansion was restored in the 1950s.
Moderators, who lead the individual groups, include Patrick Cook, Richard Engquist, Frederick Freyer, Nancy Golladay, and David Spencer.
Jacob Shall Golladay (January 19, 1819 – May 20, 1887) was a 19th-century politician from Kentucky. He served in the Kentucky House of Representatives and Senate, followed by two terms as a United States Representative for the 3rd congressional district (1867 to 1870). His brother Edward Isaac Golladay also became an attorney and served as a US Congressman from Tennessee.
Golladay died in Columbia, South Carolina while on a visit to his daughter, Fanny, on July 11, 1897 (age 66 years, 305 days). He is interred at Cedar Grove Cemetery in Lebanon. His brother, Jacob Golladay, was a U.S. Representative from Kentucky.
After Congress, Golladay resumed his legal practice in Allensville, Kentucky. He died near Russellville in 1887 and was buried next to his son in Maple Grove Cemetery.
Edward Isaac Golladay (September 9, 1830 – July 11, 1897) was an American politician and a member of the United States House of Representatives for Tennessee's 5th congressional district.
Since 2010, the band has consisted of Mattocks and Kinzie, along with guitarist Mark Golladay, drummer Dexter Horton and bass guitarist Carroll Wade.
Jeffrey Golladay (born 1979) is an American ballet dancer and was a member of the corps de ballet with American Ballet Theatre (ABT).
The mansion was inherited by Golladay's grandson, Golladay Lake. However, he sold it to Junius Townes and his wife, Adelaide, in 1954. The couple restored it. It was later purchased by the Bondurant family, followed by the King family.
In 1860, Golladay was chosen as an elector for Constitutional Union Party presidential candidate John Bell and running mate Edward Everett for the Kentucky's 3rd congressional district. This party favored preservation of the Union, but urged compromise and peaceful solutions.
In 1851 Golladay won election as a Whig to the Kentucky House of Representatives representing Allensville. He resigned in 1853 to take up a seat in the Kentucky Senate, stepping down in 1855 after a single term.
The original owner was George S. Golladay, a planter from Lebanon, Tennessee who served on the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Central Railroad, and his wife Martha. The Golladays entertained prominent members of the Southern aristocracy such as James K. Polk, who served as the 11th President of the United States from 1845 to 1849, and Jefferson Davis, who served as the President of the Confederate States of America from 1862 to 1865. During the Civil War, the mansion remained in the Golladay family. President Davis used it as his headquarters. Meanwhile, Sam Golladay gunned down a Union officer, who had deserted the army, when the soldier approached the house. This resulted in the only casualty to happen in Grenada.
Mr Golladay was part of ABT's principal dancer Ethan Stiefel's troupe ""Stiefel and Stars"", a four-week summer workshop for dance students held annually on Martha's Vineyard in the month of August offering pre-professional dancers a chance to learn from the stars of the field.
After getting off to another slow start, the Huskies overpowered the Racers 57–26. Drew Hare threw a career-high four touchdown passes. Kenny Golladay had eight catches for 144 yards and was one of ten Northern Illinois receivers who caught passes.
In 1846 Golladay married Elizabeth Cheatham, step-daughter of Prof. VV. K. Bolling, of Nashville, Tennessee, who became president of the American Medical Association. They had five children: Melissa, John Jacob, Archer, Bowling, and Elizabeth. Only Bowling survived to adulthood; he was educated at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. All of the children are buried beside their parents.