Synonyms for gonadectomized or Related words with gonadectomized

estrogenized              ovariectomised              castrated              ovarectomized              ovariectomized              ovx              uncastrated              orchidectomized              orchiectomized              adrenalectomized              spraguedawley              neonatally              nephrectomized              kkay              oophorectomized              derko              hypophysectomized              tumored              erko              neutered              ddy              balbc              shrs              nulliparous              ovex              trampxfvb              shhf              svev              outbread              mices              micetreatment              micenumber              nonpregnant              noncastrated              wakayamaand              vasoligated              prepubertal              beagles              parabionts              multiparous              uninephrectomized              kopxr              vasectomised              nmri              neodes              bitransgenic              wky              asmko              hypoe              happsl             

Examples of "gonadectomized"
There is evidence that organizational effects are not always permanent. In canaries, only the males produce song. Brain regions associated with bird song, including the hyperstriatum ventrale pars caudale (HVc) and nucleus robustus archistriatalis (RA), are larger in male canaries. However, the HVc and RA grow significantly larger in gonadectomized female canaries if given testosterone at 11 months of age and these females even begin to sing. These two brain regions change morphologically due to testosterone, indicating that neural tissue can be changed due to steroid hormones despite being organized to react to sex hormones in a female- or male-specific way.
Some have hypothesized that supraphysiological levels of estrogen may reduce the diminished bone mineral density associated with CAIS. Data has been published that suggests affected women who were not compliant with estrogen replacement therapy, or who had a lapse in estrogen replacement, experienced a more significant loss of bone mineral density. Progestin replacement therapy is seldom initiated, due to the absence of a uterus. Androgen replacement has been reported to increase a sense of well-being in gonadectomized women with CAIS, although the mechanism by which this benefit is achieved is not well understood.
The Phoenix et al. study sought to discover whether gonadal hormones given during the prenatal period had organizing effects on guinea pigs’ reproductive behavior It was found that when female controls, gonadectomized (removal of gonads) females, hermaphrodites, and castrated males were injected prenatally with testosterone proprionate, the mean number of mounts increased. This increase in male-typical reproductive behavior shows that prenatal androgens have a masculinizing effect. Moreover, the organizing effects of hormones can have permanent effects. Phoenix et al. found that females injected with testosterone propionate while pregnant, instead of neonatally, did not have any effect on lordosis. This demonstrates that when testosterone is given postnatally in females, there may not be lasting effects as compared to prenatally administered testosterone. The data from this study supports the organizational hypothesis that states when androgens are given prenatally there is an organizing effect on sexual behavior, permanently altering normal female mating behavior as adults.