Synonyms for gondoliera or Related words with gondoliera

sinfonico              rondino              endimione              rossiniana              terzetto              notturno              barcarole              burlesca              prologo              clori              romanze              variazione              quintetto              gavotta              frauengemach              elegie              concertata              poemi              imeneo              armonici              corale              menuett              elegien              nepotis              liebesleid              lyrische              giocosa              beethovens              motetti              duettino              visione              variazioni              preludio              tragicomedia              inedite              lamentatio              funebre              canzonetta              toccatina              rondoletto              delusa              sarabanda              symphonische              teatrali              corsara              jeremiae              minuetto              vivacissimo              ciaccona              concertanti             

Examples of "gondoliera"
Klavierübung in 5 Parts: Part 2: Three Piano Tutorials and Preludes: VII Trills: Liszt: Gondoliera, S.162 No. 1 from Venezia e Napoli, ed. for piano by Busoni
As gondoliers have been a traditionally male-dominated industry for centuries, the city of Venice and the gondolier industry refused to grant Hai a licence and do not recognize her as an gondolier because she works as a private gondolier. Commonly called "la gondoliera" (the feminine form of "gondoliere") or the "prima gondoliera" (first woman gondolier), she has operated as a private gondolier for hotels and selected clients. In December 2015, the highest court in Rome recognized Hai as the first female gondolier to operate in Venice.
"Gavotte Humoristique" Op. 6, "Dreaming" (Op. 7), "Serenade" Op. 15 (Proms premiere 26 September 1895), "Petits Morceaux" Op. 16 Nos. 1–5 ("Triste, Joyeuse, Le Plaisir, Le Bonheur, L'innocence"), "Twelve Easy Exercises for Cello" Op. 18, "Minuet" Op. 19 No. 3, "Chant D'amour", "Gondoliera" Op. 20 Book 1 No. 2, "Souvenir or Reverie" Op. 20 Book 1 No. 3, "Légende" Op. 20 Book 2 No. 1, "Berceuse" Op. 20 Book 2 No. 3 (Proms premiere 16 September 1897 with Squire playing cello), "Danse Rustique" Op. 20 Book 2 No. 5, "Chansonette" Op. 22 (Proms premiere 10 September 1897 with Squire playing cello), "Tarantella in D minor" Op. 23, "Bourrée" Op. 24, "Meditation in C" Op. 25, "Humoresque" Op. 26, "Six Morceaux Melodiques" Nos. 1–6 ("Canzonetta", "Danse Orientale", "Elegie", "Madrigal", "Idylle", "Harlequinade").