Synonyms for gook or Related words with gook

heon              woong              cheol              beom              chul              hwan              hyung              ryeol              kwang              byung              deuk              hyeok              hyup              pyung              byun              gyu              ryul              deok              wook              seok              kyoung              seung              hwakim              heelee              myeong              seol              ryong              seong              hyuk              sookim              gyung              kyong              keun              eunkim              yeong              yeol              byeong              hyeon              junkim              gwang              kyung              myong              kyunglee              hyok              jungkim              youngoh              yeop              kyum              chulpark              joon             

Examples of "gook"
Despite the objections from the world, Yoon-hoo keeps on dating with Gook-hwa. However, Shin-hyung is plotting revenge on Gook-hwa, in order to get Yoon-hoo back. Under pressure from Yoon-hoo's father, Yoon-hoo is rejected by many corporations. Gook-hwa learns that Yoon-hoo is having a hard time and decides to leave him.
The title is a pun, and can also mean "Jang Gook Becomes Dal-rae: Reunion in 12 Years". The female protagonist's name Jang Gook means "clear soup with doenjang" which she later changes to Dal-rae, meaning "azalea."
Seo Min-Gook (born November 23, 1983) is a South Korean football player.
The KHA later grew into the Republic of Korea Hapkido Association (Dae Han Min Gook Hyub Hoe) with the merging of Ji han Jae's 'Dae Han Hapkido Hyub Hoe', Kim Moo-Hong's 'Han Gook Hapkido Hyub Hoe' (Korean Hapkido Association)and Myung Jae Nam's 'Han Gook Hapki Hoe' (Korean Hapki Association) in 1973. Choi Dae-Hoon was elected president of the association with Ji Han Jae serving as senior vice president.
The K-League Top Scorer award was won by Lee Dong-Gook (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors)
The K-League 'FAN'tastic Player was won by Lee Dong-Gook (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors)
The K-League 'FAN'tastic Player was won by Lee Dong-Gook (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors)
The K-League Most Valuable Player award was won by Lee Dong-Gook (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors)
Split () is a 2016 South Korean film directed by Choi Gook-hee.
Yoon-hoo takes Gook-hwa, who worked as a Chinese translator for him, on a business trip to Jeju Island where an important exhibition is taking place. Yoon-hoo's father, Chairman Park finds Gook-hwa and Yoon-hoo there, and soon, Yoon-hoo has returned to UT as a planning manager in the marketing department, with Gook-hwa as his secretary. Yoon-hoo also decides to help Gook-hwa become more sophisticated and sends her to an academy to help her prepare for her college entrance examination.
Kim Heung-gook (; born April 11, 1959) is a South Korean singer. He is the chairman of Korea Singers Association.
He played in 1999 FIFA World Youth Championship with Seol Ki-hyeon, Lee Dong-gook. And he scored against Mali.
In 2002, on the night of Korea's momentous World Cup win, high school sweethearts Jang Gook and Yoo Joon-soo sleep together and Jang Gook ends up pregnant. They are given permission to marry by Joon-soo's father, but after a horrible accident Jang Gook loses the baby. Their mothers who were against the relationship from the beginning, take advantage of the situation and splits them up. Jang Gook then leaves Korea to live in the U.S., and changes her name to Jang Dal-lae. Twelve years later, they reunite and get entangled in each other's lives again. The only problem is that Yoo Joon-soo doesn't know it's her and Jang Gook doesn't want him to know.
Although gook is used as a common ethnic slur, the creek's name possibly was taken from a Native American language.
Jung Jo-gook (; born 23 April 1984) is a South Korean footballer who plays for Gangwon FC.
Shin-hyung (), Yoon-hoo's childhood friend whom Yoon-hoo's parents want him to marry, notices the change in Yoon-hoo's attitude toward Gook-hwa, and is uncomfortable when Yoon-hoo appears to be getting closer to Gook-hwa, despite their upcoming wedding date. Her insecurity also stems from Yoon-hoo's apparent lack of commitment to their marriage.
A year later, Gook-hwa is pregnant, and has passed the college entrance examination. The show concludes with a scene of Yoon-hoo and Gook-hwa on a cruise ship on the Han River, celebrating her passing of the college entrance examination.
A gook was a piece of protective headgear worn by bal maidens (female manual labourers in the mining industries of Cornwall and Devon). The gook was a bonnet which covered the head and projected forward over the face, to protect the wearer's head and face from sunlight and flying debris. Bal maidens often worked outdoors or in very crude surface-level shelters, and the gook also gave protection from extreme weather conditions. By covering the ears, gooks protected the ears from the noisy industrial environment.
At the beginning, Gook-hwa and Yoon-hoo hate each other - Yoon-hoo despises her love for money and for behaving like a country bumpkin, while Gook-hwa detests Yoon-hoo's hot-tempered, icy exterior. He gives her the nickname "farm girl" because he finds her behavior crass. However, when Gook-hwa gets a job as Yoon-hoo's secretary, partly because of her ability to speak fluent Mandarin, Yoon-hoo gradually falls in love with her, as she is able to make him laugh and feel "alive" through her naivete and innocence.
Lee Dong-gook and his five children are currently part of South Korean reality-variety show, "The Return of Superman" that airs on KBS World TV.