Synonyms for gorgeted_flycatcher or Related words with gorgeted_flycatcher

monileger              strophiata              galactotes              schisticeps              melanophaius              gray_breasted_crake              platyrinchus_coronatus              throated_redstart              throated_robin_irania              white_winged_redstart              backed_redstart_phoenicurus              savile_bustard              family_sarothruridae              pied_bushchat_saxicola_caprata              taiga_flycatcher_ficedula_albicilla              lined_seedeater_sporophila_lineola              melanozanthos              erythronota              africanus_rüppell_vulture_gyps              bellied_spinetail              slate_colored_seedeater              leucophthalmus              sided_crake_laterallus              hooded_wheatear_oenanthe_monacha              daurian_redstart_phoenicurus_auroreus              bellied_antbird              kashmir_flycatcher_ficedula              golden_crowned_spadebill              cinnyris_talatala              semicollared_flycatcher_ficedula_semitorquata              amaurotis              ruficaudata              elaenia_parvirostris              crowned_hornbill              capped_flycatcher              bougueri              virescens_alder_flycatcher_empidonax              anthipes              hodgson_redstart              tailed_flycatcher              buff_spotted_flufftail              platyrinchus_mystaceus              dinopium_benghalense              gutturalis_rufous_tailed              antbird_gymnopithys              megarhynchos_bluethroat_luscinia_svecica              flufftails_order_gruiformes              alnorum_willow_flycatcher_empidonax              capped_tanager              tawny_crowned_greenlet_tunchiornis             

Examples of "gorgeted_flycatcher"
The rufous-gorgeted flycatcher ("Ficedula strophiata") is a species of bird in the family Muscicapidae.
The white-gorgeted flycatcher ("Anthipes monileger") is a species of passerine bird in the Old World flycatcher family.
Ornithologists recorded 318 species of birds including Eurasian eagle-owl, slender-billed scimitar-babbler, white-gorgeted flycatcher, barred cuckoo-dove and golden-throated barbet.
Birds belonging to varied genus can be found in the park. Neora Valley National Park thus is known as birders' paradise; some of India's most sought-after birds are found here in winter months as well. The semi-evergreen forests between 1600 m and 2700 m is the home of several rarities like rufous-throated partridge, satyr tragopan, crimson-breasted woodpecker, Darjeeling woodpecker, bay woodpecker, golden-throated barbet, Hodgson's hawk cuckoo, lesser cuckoo, brown wood owl, ashy wood pigeon, mountain imperial pigeon, Jerdon's baza, black eagle, mountain hawk eagle, dark-throated thrush, rufous-gorgeted flycatcher, white-gorgeted flycatcher, white-browed bush robin, white-tailed robin, yellow-browed tit, striated bulbul, chestnut-headed tesia, chestnut-crowned warbler, black-faced warbler, black-faced laughingthrush, chestnut-crowned laughingthrush, streak-breasted scimitar babbler, scaly-breasted wren-babbler, pygmy wren-babbler, rufous-fronted babbler, black-headed shrike babbler, white-browed shrike babbler, rusty-fronted barwing, rufous-winged fulvetta, brown parrotbill, fire-breasted flowerpecker, fire-tailed sunbird, maroon-backed accentor, dark-breasted rosefinch, red-headed bullfinch, gold-naped finch and many other rarities.
A total of 423 bird species has been recorded. The park supports the highest population of Bengal floricans in Nepal. It is the western limit of swamp francolin, Jerdon's bushchat, rufous-rumped grassbird, chestnut-capped babbler and Jerdon's babbler; the north-western limit of yellow-eyed babbler; the eastern limit of Finn's weaver and the most important regular wintering site of Hodgson's bushchat. Forest birds include spot-bellied eagle owl, dusky eagle owl, rufous-bellied eagle and Oriental pied hornbill. The forests are also important for great slaty woodpecker and white-naped woodpecker. The white-rumped vulture, slender-billed vulture, lesser adjutant, grey-headed fish eagle, darter and rufous-rumped grassbird are breeding residents. Sarus crane, painted stork and bristled grassbird are summer visitors. Greater racquet-tailed drongo, white-capped water redstart, rusty-tailed flycatcher and rufous-gorgeted flycatcher are uncommon winter visitors.