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Examples of "gorla"
Gorla Maggiore borders the following municipalities: Carbonate, Fagnano Olona, Gorla Minore, Locate Varesino, Mozzate, Solbiate Olona.
Gorla Minore borders the following municipalities: Cislago, Gorla Maggiore, Marnate, Mozzate, Olgiate Olona, Rescaldina, Solbiate Olona.
Solbiate Olona borders the following municipalities: Fagnano Olona, Gorla Maggiore, Gorla Minore, Olgiate Olona.
Gorla developed as a rural settlement until the late 19th century. Thereafter, the Milanese north-east quickly turned into an industrial area (most notably around Sesto San Giovanni), a process that affected Gorla as well. In 1864, Gorla became a formal "comune", named "Gorla Primo"; in 1920 Gorla and the bordering comune of Precotto merged into the new comune of Gorlaprecotto, a decision that was intended to preserve both comunes from being absorbed into Milan. Nevertheless, three years later, Gorlaprecotto was annexed to the city along with other 12 comunes.
Gorla is a district ("quartiere") of Milan, Italy. It is part of the Zone 2 administrative division, located north-east of the city centre. Before 1923, Gorla was an independent comune. The name "Gorla" is probably derived from the latin word "gulula", meaning "little cleft".
The municipality of Gorla Minore contains the "frazione" (subdivision) Prospiano.
1967 149 Rayachoti GEN M. K. Reddy M INC 30775 K. R. Gorla M IND 23385
Marnate borders the following municipalities: Castellanza, Gorla Minore, Olgiate Olona, Rescaldina.
Locate Varesino borders the following municipalities: Cairate, Carbonate, Fagnano Olona, Gorla Maggiore, Tradate.
Cislago borders the following municipalities: Gerenzano, Gorla Minore, Limido Comasco, Mozzate, Rescaldina, Turate.
Carbonate borders the following municipalities: Appiano Gentile, Gorla Maggiore, Locate Varesino, Lurago Marinone, Mozzate, Tradate.
Alessandra Gorla (born 1 November 1975) is an Italian softball player who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics.
Domenico Gorla (born 7 February 1965) is a retired Italian sprinter who specialized in the 100 metres.
Between boundaries of Marnate and Gorla Minore is located a military monument of II World War called Marnate's Bunker.
Gorla is a station on Line 1 of the Milan Metro. The station was opened in 1964.
Winner of the Blue Ribbon race Gorla under 30 foot in 2011 on Ventilo M2 (28 foot catamaran) as mainsailtrimmer and tactician with the boatowner Rolf Hufnagel.
Until 1920, Precotto was an autonomous "comune"; then, it merged with the adjacent comune of Gorla into "Gorlaprecotto". In 1923, Gorlaprecotto was annexed to Milan.
In 2011 he is also winner of the Gorla race 2011 under 30 foot - Ventilo M2 with the boatowner Rolf Hufnagel and his wife Nahid Gäbler as crew.
Giorgio Gorla (born August 7, 1944 in Novara) is an Italian sailor. He is a 3-time Olympian, winning two bronze medals.
In 1923, Baggio was annexed to Milan along with Affori, Chiaravalle, Crescenzago, Gorla, Precotto, Greco Milanese, Lambrate, Musocco, Niguarda, Trenno, Vigentino, and Rogoredo.