Synonyms for gossweileri or Related words with gossweileri

markgr              hiern              mansf              humbertii              vollesen              cuatrec              pellegr              vatke              schumach              bremek              panamense              trinervis              mildbr              johnst              summerh              haughtii              ledermannii              hydnophytum              brassii              thonn              ugandensis              setulosa              moldenke              macbr              stenopetala              hintonii              papuanum              harlingii              duvign              comptonii              kraenzl              liesneri              euplassa              bolusii              duckei              maguirei              steyerm              leeuwenb              symphyopappus              dielsii              blakea              amazonicum              platycarpa              chodat              glabriflora              steetz              pierrei              aneilema              perplexum              tiegh             

Examples of "gossweileri"
"Dioscoreophyllum gossweileri" Exell, J. Bot. 73(Suppl.): 10. 1935.
Bromuniola is a genus of Central African plants in the grass family. The only known species is Bromuniola gossweileri, native to Zaïre, Tanzania, Angola, and Zambia.
Dioscoreophyllum gossweileri is a plant species native to Angola. It is a twining vine with deeply tri-lobed leaves and a racemose inflorecence.
The bay duiker mainly prefers fruits. It feeds on the large fruits of "Irvingia" species (wild mango), "Detarium macrocarpum" and the spherical fruits of "Mammea africana". Other fruits the duiker may eat are those of "Ricinodendron heudelotii" and oil-palms, the orange ones of "Chrysophyllum beguei", the olive-like ones of "Pseudospondias longifolia", the green plums of "Panda oleosa" and those of "Cola rostrata", that resemble cocoa pods. The bay duiker extracts the pulp from the seeds, making a grating sound. If the seeds are large, the duiker spits them out. Smaller seeds such as those of "Antrocaryon" species may be ingested. A 1989 study found that the soft seeds of plants such as "Drypetes gossweileri", "Staudtia gabonensis", "Dacryoides buettneri", "Ongokea gore", "Santiria trimera", "Annonidium mannii" and "Pentaclethra macrophylla" are preferred. There have been reports of the bay duiker preying on birds (without feeding on the legs and wings) and the embryo of unhatched eggs, carrion, remains of African porcupines and kusimanses, termites, beetles and ants. Dog food may serve as supplement for captive individuals.