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iersel              rompaey              goethem              daele              eyssen              gennip              roekel              lierop              stralen              bueren              binsbergen              grieken              harskamp              gelderen              cleemput              vooren              diepen              gerven              laethem              jeltje              tijn              lancker              mieghem              oostrum              vleet              baalen              miltenburg              doorninck              tuinen              rheenen              biljon              gastel              luijk              velzen              hoorde              calster              ooteghem              dijck              gestel              kasbergen              emmerik              bentum              mourik              oosten              ittersum              rhijn              zanten              beurden              nieuwenhoven              seijen             

Examples of "graan"
In 2014, Tanya van Graan is married to Kasper Kristofferson at La Residence in Franschhoek.
In 2014 van Graan represented Stellenbosch University. He played in the Nedbank Cup.
Ulsterbus route 59 provides several journeys a day to/from Enniskillen via Monea and The Graan. There is no Sunday service.
In 2013, Tara van Graan starred in the role of Tara the thriller movie "Zulu" of Jérôme Salle, alongside Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker.
At the same time, there were Sámi students at other institutes of higher education such as Härnösands gymnasium, which is, for example, where Olaus Stephani Graan studied.
Robbie van Graan (24 August 1939 – 18 February 2014) was a South African cricketer. He played sixteen first-class matches for Western Province between 1972 and 1978.
5. Alcardo van Graan was loaned to Milano United in January 2013 on a six-month loan, where he is currently active.
On New Year's Eve 1932, ESJ van Graan, a local farmer and prospector, and his son, a former student of the University of Pretoria, set out to follow up on a legend he had heard about.
Alcardo van Graan (born 22 June 1986) is a South African professional footballer, who last played as a Forward for South African club Maties and is currently a free agent..
Alcardo van Graan grew up playing at youth level for various clubs around Cape Town, in South Africa's Western Cape, including Idas Valley AFC, Nelsons FC, Maties FC, Battswood FC and Western Province United.
Since "Going to the Dogs" he has periodically returned to the stage, with "Wuivend graan" (2007) (nominated for the Toneel Publieksprijs, an audience award), "Wat nu weer" (2009), and most recently "Het laatste nippertje" (2011).
Brian D'Arcy C.P (born 1 June 1945) is a Passionist priest based in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. A writer, newspaper columnist, broadcaster, and preacher, he serves as Rector of St. Gabriel's Retreat, the Graan, and is the author of several books, including "A Little Bit of Religion" and "A Little Bit of Healing".
The movie was filmed in New Hampshire and was directed by Ulli Lommel. The movie was co-produced and co-written by Ulli Lommel and Jeff Frentzen. Frentzen portrayed the killer, herein called "Billy Pickton", using the stage name Curtis Graan.
Billy Pickton (Curtis Graan) is with his attorney (Christian Behm) in a police interrogation room, about to be questioned by a police detective (Michael Barbour) and district attorney (Rachael Devlin). As the detective and district attorney converse about Billy's case, the movie is told in flashback.
Roads between cities, and especially highways, are rarely named; they are often numbered instead, but in Graan voor Visch, a district of Hoofddorp, streets have no names. The houses there are instead uniquely numbered with very high numbers, starting with 13000.
"Kagenna #5": "Planetary Dance"; "Do Trees Have Rights?" Albie Sachs; "San Survival"; "Eco-Architecture"; "Power Crisis on the Cape Flats"; "Kicking the Automobile Habit"; "25 Difficult things you can do to save the Earth"; "Mike van Graan interview"; "Indigenous Plant users outlawed"; "The Mad-Dogs of the Media", "Justin Wells poster". (40pp)
Tanya van Graan (born 13 December 1983) is a South African actress, singer and model. She is known for her roles in "Zulu" and "", and for being FHM's Sexiest Woman at the 2007 FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World bash held in Johannesburg.
Picked up by Ajax CT in the summer of 2012, after an impressive showing the previous season in the Second DIvision, Alcardo van Graan played in the MTN 8 and scored on his Premier Soccer League debut for Ajax Cape Town. He would go on to make a total of twelve appearances for the Cape club that year, having only found the back of the net once.
The first student from the Skyttean school that was actually ordained as a priest was Olaus Stephani Graan, who became head of his old school in 1657. He wrote two books that would go on to have a major impact on the school’s program: "Cathechetiska frågor, tryckte 1688 until Lapparnes undervisning", as well as an updated edition of the "Manuale Lapponicum", containing Psalms and Ecclesiastes from the Old Testament, a Catechism, a psalter, and a lectionary – all in Sámi.
Amalia Uys (born 14 October 1984 in Springbok, Northern Cape, is a South African actress that played a main role in the soap opera 7 Laan from 2006 to 2013 as San-Mari van Graan. She currently plays a role in another soap opera, "Binnelanders". Uys graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2003 after which she moved to Johannesburg and auditioned and was accepted for 7 Laan.