Synonyms for graphipterus or Related words with graphipterus

liebke              peringuey              crepidogaster              putzeys              collarti              caelostomus              thyreopterus              basilewsky              amblystomus              pachyteles              kerremans              fairmaire              banninger              alluaud              craspedophorus              calophaena              cyphogastra              chaudoir              endroedyi              drypta              piezia              kirschenhofer              hystrichopus              straneo              perigona              peliocypas              tschitscherine              melobasis              chevrolat              eucamptognathus              tetragonoderus              senectere              coomani              laticollis              fairmairei              jeannel              halecia              decellei              abacetus              descarpentriesi              lecordier              impressicollis              tricondyla              cordicollis              zuphium              catascopus              congoana              motschulsky              platymetopus              apristus             

Examples of "graphipterus"
Graphipterus serrator is a species of beetles in the family Carabidae.
Graphipterus is a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following species:
"Graphipterus serrator" can reach a length of . This ground beetle is quite variable in the body size and in the development of the spots. Larvae in the preimaginal stage have myrmecophagous habits. They make chambers inside the ant nest where they store the ant brood.