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Examples of "graphoanalysis"
Validation of Graphoanalysis by 'Global' or 'Holistic' Method.
She began studying graphology at the International Graphoanalysis Society and was certified in 1989. She earned her Master's in Graphoanalysis from the International Graphoanalysis Society. In 1993 she became a Certified Questioned Document Examiner (QDE) for the National Bureau of Questioned Document Examiners in New York, NY.
In 1929 Milton Bunker founded The American Grapho Analysis Society teaching graphoanalysis. This organization and its system split the American graphology world in two. Students had to choose between graphoanalysis or holistic graphology. While hard data is lacking, anecdotal evidence indicates that 10% of the members of International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS) were expelled between 1970 and 1980.
Graduates of "The Advanced Course of Graphoanalysis" are awarded the designation of "Master Graphoanalyst" or "MGA".
Statistical Data For Basic Traits of Graphoanalysis: IGAS Trait Norm Project.
"Eight Basic Steps in Graphoanalysis" is the beginning course that many members teach people interested in handwriting analysis.
"IGAS" is the abbreviation for "International Graphoanalysis Society". The organization is far more commonly referred to by its initials than the full name.
"The General Course of Graphoanalysis" is the course taught by IGAS. Graduates of that course are awarded the designation "Certified Graphoanalysts", more commonly referred to as "CGA".
"The Grapho Analyst" was published by IGAS from 1940 to 1962. "The Journal of Graphoanalysis" was published by IGAS, from 1962 to 2003. Publication of the "IGAS Journal" has been published from 2004 to present.
IGAS is a privately held corporation. As such, information about its finances, membership numbers, actual number of graduates, and related items can not be independently verified. The masthead of its publication "The Journal of Graphoanalysis" lists the organization's current claimed statistical data.
A clause that was responsible for the expulsion of hundreds of members of IGAS between 1970 and 1990 was: "Further, I will not affiliate with any group of handwriting analysts not sanctioned by the International Graphoanalysis Society, Inc.", the last clause of the 1980 Code of Ethics of IGAS.'
IGAS traces its beginnings back to 1929, when Milton N. Bunker formed "The American Grapho Analysis Society". The company has seen an ownership change many times since it was founded. Around 1957, that organization was replaced by "The International Graphoanalysis Society", which was run by V. Peter Ferrara. Upon V. Peter Ferrara's death, ownership of the company fell to his daughter, Kathleen Kusta. In June 2003, Kathleen Kusta sold most of the assets of IGAS by private auction to Greg Greco.
Every system of handwriting analysis has its own vocabulary. Even though two or more systems may share the same words, the meanings of those words may be different. The technical meaning of a word used by a handwriting analyst, and the common meaning is not congruent. Resentment, for example, in common usage, means to feel or exhibit annoyance. In Graphoanalysis, the term indicates a fear of imposition.
The highest reported membership number, which was issued to a student of Graphoanalysis was just over 50,000. There are no reliable figures on the number of students at any specific time. Both the number of dues paying members, and the number of students are believed to have peaked during the late seventies. This was just before IGASHQ started the wholesale purging of members and chapters.
Integrative graphology focuses on strokes and their relation to personality. Graphoanalysis was the most influential system in the United States, between 1929 and 2000. The Sistema de Xandró is another method of integrative graphology. Holistic graphology is based on form, movement, and use of space. The psychogram is another method which uses specific diagrams to analyze handwriting. The Personal Worth Chart is one such method developed by the Handwriting Consultants of San Diego during the early 1980s. The psychograph is an additional psychogram method. was developed by Leslie King during the 1970s .The Wittlich Character Diagram, and the Muller-Enskat Protokol are other psychogram methods.