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bourguignat              unifasciata              montrouzier              hervier              tapparone              alluaudi              pauliani              simroth              gaskoin              jeanneli              verhecken              adansoni              recluz              funiculata              insperata              costatus              bicarinata              sublaevis              cancellata              souverbie              bequaerti              congoensis              clavatula              saulcyi              biseriata              powelli              pallidula              morelet              annae              imitatrix              cecilioides              stosicia              longidens              obesa              draparnaud              monilicornis              beckeri              kiesenwetter              orbigny              angulosa              semistriatus              lamellata              coarctatus              raphitoma              gestro              distincta              distorta              dentifera              chilostoma              waterhousei             

Examples of "grateloup"
"Tropidophora fimbriata" was originally described as "Cyclostoma Michaudi" by Jean-Pierre Sylvestre de Grateloup in 1840.
Jean-Pierre Sylvestre de Grateloup (31 December 1782 – 25 August 1862) was a French physician and naturalist.
Squalodon is an extinct genus of whales endemic to Oligocene to Miocene, belonging to the family Squalodontidae. Named by Jean-Pierre Sylvestre de Grateloup in 1840, it was originally believed to be an iguanodontid dinosaur but has since been reclassified. The name "Squalodon" comes from "Squalus", a genus of shark. As a result, its name means "shark tooth."
The genus "Squalodon" was named by French naturalist Jean-Pierre Sylvestre de Grateloup in 1840 based on a jaw fragment he thought belonged to a reptile. Fossils discovered later, nevertheless, showed that this was a toothed whale. In extant odontocetes, however, the dentition is atavistic with all teeth reduced to simple, undifferentiated conical shapes. In squalodonts the teeth resemble those of the archaic whales, Archaeoceti, with conical incisors anteriorly and low-crowned, serrated teeth posteriorly.
Maine de Biran was born at Bergerac. The name Maine he assumed (some time before 1787) from an estate called Le Maine, near Mouleydier. After studying with distinction at Périgueux, he entered the life guards of King Louis XVI of France, and was present at Versailles during the events of October 1789. He entered politics and was part of the Conseil des Cinq Cents. On the breaking up of the "gardes du corps" Biran retired to his patrimonial inheritance of Grateloup, near Bergerac, where he avoided the excesses of the French Revolution.