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Examples of "grazianini"
Caterina Benedicta Grazianini ("fl." early 18th century) was an Italian composer of oratorios in Vienna. She was among the female composers of oratorios in Vienna who, according to Wellesz, were regular canonesses, rather than employed at the court. This group included Maria de Raschenau, Maria Margherita Grimani, and Camilla de Rossi. Grazianini is known only through her two surviving works, the oratorios "S Gemignano vescovo e protettore di Modena" (performed 1705 and 1715) and "S Teresa". On one of these is a note to the effect that it was performed for the ladies of Modena and Brunswick, and was very well received. Her works are in two sections and an Italian overture, for four soloists and string orchestra.
Maria Margherita Grimani ("fl." 1713 – 1718) was an Italian composer who, at some points in her life, was active in Vienna. Very little else about her is known. Among her compositions was the first opera by a woman to be performed at the Vienna court theater. She may have lived at the noble court for periods between 1713 and 1718; however, she was not employed at the court as a musician. She may also have been one of a number of women composers at the Viennese court who were canonesses, a type of Augustinian nun; others included Caterina Benedicta Grazianini, Maria de Raschenau, and Camilla de Rossi.
Maria Anna de Raschenau ("fl." 18th century) was an Austrian composer and canoness (a type of Augustinian nun). She was active in Vienna, but was not a member or servant of the noble court. She was the choirmaster at the convent of St Jakob auf der Hülben in Vienna. Raschenau wrote an oratorio on a libretto by MA Signorini, "Le sacre visioni di Santa Teresa", which was first performed on 20 March 1703. The score was once in the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, but was not in the catalogue by 1991, and is assumed to be lost. Her two oratorios and two secular works written for the state are now only known from libretti given out at performances. Raschenau was a contemporary of fellow female oratorio-writers Caterina Benedicta Grazianini, Maria Grimani, and Camilla de Rossi, who were also canonesses.