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yuuka              kobukuro              chugaku              gakari              yaida              ikimono              arashi              aisubeki              aishiteru              yasashii              shiritsu              domoto              matsutoya              ketsumeishi              himuro              riyu              moritaka              koisuru              oginome              omoi              radwimps              uverworld              fictionjunction              hitori              shimatani              sakuranbo              gokoro              hanasaku              dakishimete              renai              gackt              itsumademo              fuyumi              fripside              oibito              yumemiru              tomohisa              tsumetai              asobi              yaotome              itsuka              yakushimaru              utsukushii              owaranai              inori              harukaze              ikenai              nanase              hashiritai              natsukawa             

Examples of "greeeen"
Greeeen released their greatest hits double album "Ima Made no A Men, B Men Dest!?" on November 25, 2009. On November 5, 2009, an article of Nikkan Sports suggested that GReeeeN would disband after the release of the album. Hide wrote on his blog that the rumours were false. On November 5, the official statement by Universal Music Japan also said that the report was false and that GReeeeN would still be releasing music after the release of the album "Imamade no A Men, B Men Desuto!?".
"Niji" was written and composed by Greeeen, and arranged by Takehito Shimizu and ats. "Good Day" was written by Leonn and composed by Kazuhito Kikuchi.
Greeeen was the most successful charting artist in this era, topping the charts for seven months. Both Greeeen and Kumi Koda had four #1 hits, the largest number of hits (Greeeen's "Ai Uta," "Ayumi," "Kiseki" and "Setsuna," and Koda's "Ai no Uta," "Unmei," "Won't Be Long" with Exile and "Yume no Uta"). Other successfully charting artists include Exile with three months ("I Believe," "Ti Amo" and "Won't Be Long" with Kumi Koda) and Kobukuro with two months ("Aoku Yasashiku" and "Tsubomi").
mini, born March 12, 1985, is a Japanese model and electro-pop singer who debuted in 2010 on major label Avex. She is produced by Jin, who also produces GReeeeN.
Whiteeeen (stylized as whiteeeen) is a Japanese vocal group, produced by senior vocal group Greeeen. It consists of four female members, Meri, Kana, Hima and Noa, who debuted in their teens, and whose identities remain hidden.
Hide began his music career as a member of a Japanese hardcore band in his junior high school. Hide and Navi formed duo "GReeeN" (The name was three e's sequence at that time) in 2002. Their music was influenced under Western rock bands such as Sublime and Sugar Ray. However, the group was renamed "Greeeen" in 2004 when 92 and Soh joined the group. Soh was a fan of hip hop and reggae. 92 came from Okinawa Prefecture and had his musical roots in Okinawan music. After they released the EP "Greeeen" in February 2006, the Universal Music Japan recruited them in March 2006.
Greeeen (stylized as GReeeeN) is a Japanese pop rock/hip hop/breakbeat vocal group from Kōriyama in Fukushima Prefecture, comprising the all-male four members Hide, Navi, Kuni (written as "92"), and Soh. They made their debut with Universal Music in 2007. Their logo image is of a mouthful of teeth, and the four Es indicate the number of members. The sound production is handled by Hide's older brother JIN, a former guitarist of Pay money To my Pain. According to their website at Universal Music Japan, their catch phrase is "Rock 'n' Breakbeats with Four Microphones".
On 1 September, Speed released their 18th single, a mid-tempo ballad titled "Yubiwa", produced by indie band "Octopus" (producer of GreeeeN, JIN, and Nishi-Ken). This was also the first time after their reunion that no choreography was given to their single PV.
They formed a new band called with the 4-man band GReeeeN, produced by Jin (so 10 people = 10 e's) and their debut single "Ashiato" came out on October 1, 2008. The song reached No. 1 in the USEN and chaka-uta digital download charts.
Ā, Domo. Hajimemashite (Japanese: あっ、ども。はじめまして。, "Oh, Hi. Nice to meet you.") is the first studio album by the Japanese band GReeeeN, released on . It reached the 2nd place on the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart.
A, Domo. Ohisashiburi Desu. (Japanese: あっ、ども。おひさしぶりです。, "Oh, Hi. Long Time No See.") is the second studio album by Japanese band GReeeeN. It was released on June 25, 2008, and is certified by RIAJ for shipment of 1 million copies.
"Ai Uta ~since 2007~" was released in both CD and digital formats on March 2015, and it reached number 1 on various weekly charts, including iTunes, RecoChoku and 8 other platforms. They released their second single, "Pocket" (), written by Greeeen, as the theme song to Nippon Animation's 40th anniversary film "".
On June 29, 2009, the Guinness World Records certified their song "Kiseki" as the "best selling download single in Japan" with the full-track ringtone download sales of 2,301,674 copies of May 24, 2009. It was announced that Greeeen would be teaming up with Hudson Soft to create music for 2009 DS game.
Tanigawa passed NMB48's 2nd generation auditions in May 2011. Her audition song was "Kiseki" by GReeeeN. Her debut was on June 5, 2011. Her stage debut was on August 13, 2011. In January 2012, she was selected to join Team M.
One notable characteristic is that none of the members have ever shown their faces in the public sphere as a part of GReeeeN, whether in their promotional videos, CDs, television performances, or the Internet. In their only performance on TV-U Fukushima's music show Music Bar Palo Palo (broadcast on January 19, 2007), the group even went as far as censoring their faces during the performance. GReeeeN cites keeping their professional lives in dentistry compatible with their musical ventures as the reason, but one of the members, Hide, has hinted that after all of the members pass the prefectural examination in dentistry and receive permission from the directors of the hospitals they work for, the group may consider a public appearance.
Among the contestants, 11 were selected and screened by Greeeen and their producer, JIN, in the end then 15-year-old Meri and Kana, 16-year-old Hima and 17-year-old Noa were chosen, and that they were selected due to their "pure and transparent" sound rather than their vocal abilities. They debuted under the name "Whiteeeen", a portmanteau of "white" and "teen", with the four e's representing the number of members. Greeeen, who coined the name, hope that the four members would "never forget their pure and white moods" during their future musical activities, hence the "white" in their name. Their cover of "Ai Uta" was also re-titled "Ai Uta ~since 2007~". The members' identities remain hidden, and they did not attend public events; they are displayed as cartoon-drawn images of themselves.
"Icarus" is the third Greeeen song to be used in a Japanese TV commercial, the first two being "Yuki no Oto" and "Sakura Color". It is also the first time that the group collaborated with the Calpis company to actually perform the song in the commercial. The single comes in three versions, a regular CD version, a CD+DVD version which includes a video of the song, and a digital download released on iTunes.
"Rookies" drama series was awarded five of the possible nine awards at the 58th Television Drama Academy Awards in 2008. "Rookies" was awarded best drama; Ryuta Sato was awarded best actor; Hayato Ichihara was awarded best supporting actor; "Kiseki" by Greeeen was awarded best theme song and Nikogaku Nine was awarded the special award. "Rookies" was highly commended as one of the best drama series at the 2008 Asian Television Awards.
A live-action film adaptation of "Strobe Edge" was announced to have been greenlit on the August 2014 issue of "Bessatsu Margaret". The adaptation had its theatrical release on March 14, 2015. The film is directed by Ryūichi Hiroki and stars Kasumi Arimura as Ninako Kinoshita and Sota Fukushi as Ren Ichinose. Japanese vocal group Greeeen will be providing a cover version of their hit song sung by a sister female vocalist group Whiteeeen.
In Japan, it is common for artists to have "greatest hits" compilations released early in their career. Many acts release a compilation after three albums, which commonly means after only three years of career in the music market. Ayumi Hamasaki, Mai Kuraki, Hikaru Utada, Glay and Greeeen are a few examples (the band McFly, from England, also released a greatest hits album after three albums and three active years). Many times, the decision of having a greatest hits released is due to the popularity of the artist at the moment, which results in bigger sales. It is also common for the Japanese artists to have many compilations throughout their careers.