Synonyms for greeri or Related words with greeri

euprepes              madascincus              garleppi              cercosaura              loveridgei              gonocephalus              celestus              annectans              arthrosaura              lerista              peracca              harpesaurus              mesaspis              paracontias              tenuidactylus              ptychoglossus              aprasia              mediodactylus              mocquard              psammophila              grandiceps              amphiglossus              tessellatus              petersii              boulengeri              wellsi              ceylanica              oreophilus              schaeferi              atacamensis              brevispina              inflatus              complanata              uromyrtus              marianae              alopoglossus              longisetus              heteropholis              riedelii              myrmelachista              ritteri              melanoseps              burmeisteri              baurii              krugii              frondaria              ochotensis              weberi              connivens              bolanthus             

Examples of "greeri"
The specific name, "greeri", is in honor of Australian herpetologist .
Lankascincus greeri, commonly known as Greer's Lanka skink, is a species of skink endemic to the island of Sri Lanka.
Lampropeltis mexicana greeri (also known as Greer's Mexican kingsnake) is a snake species native to the mountains of the Mexican state of Durango. They have a light silver-gray to tan coloration. They are a high altitude snake that can reach up to 36 inches long in adulthood. They have a strict diet of mice and lizards, consuming pinkies and small lizards as juveniles, and preferring large mice and lizards as adults. They need a hiding space at all times since they are relatively shy.