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Examples of "grimma"
"Grimma ob Bf" was opened on 1 June 1866 with the name "Grimma". After the opening of the Großbothen–Wurzen section of the Glauchau–Wurzen railway (Mulde Valley Railway) in 1877, the Grimma station was renamed "Grimma ob Bf" (short for "oberer Bahnhof"—"upper station") since the Mulde Valley Railway had a station in the town on the right bank of the Mulde called "Grimma unt Bf" (short for "unterer Bahnhof"—"lower station"). With the discontinuation of rail traffic on the Mulde Valley Railway (Grimma unt Bf–Nerchau section) in 1967, "Grimma ob Bf" is the only railway station in the town.
Gymnasium St. Augustine in Grimma ("Gymnasium St. Augustin zu Grimma", historically known as "Fürstenschule Grimma" or "Landesschule Grimma") is the only regular gymnasium offering boarding in Saxony. It is heavily steeped in tradition as one of the foremost schools in the country. Founded in 1550 as one of the three "Fürstenschulen" in Saxony, it has prepared young people for university studies since then.
In the years 1990–91 Winkler was Deputy Mayor of Grimma.
Olaf Beyer (born August 4, 1957 in Grimma) was an East German 800 metres runner.
Jochen Kupfer (born 1969 in Grimma) is a German operatic baritone.
Johannes Völkel (; Grimma, c. 1565 – Raków, 1616) was a German Socinian writer.
Matthias Lindner (born 5 October 1965 in Grimma, East Germany) is a former football defender.
Verena Reichel (born in Grimma, Saxony, 21 March 1945) is a German literary translator.
He was rector of Grimma. He was a pupil of Johann August Ernesti.
Carmen Nebel (born 24 July 1956 in Grimma, then East Germany) is a German television presenter.
Grimma was the scene of witch trials between 1494–1701. At least two women were executed as witches.
Carl Gustav Löwe (18 February 1852 in Grimma – 16 December 1883 in Göttingen) was a German classical philologist and librarian.
On a beaker from 1669, which today is exhibited in the museum "Grimma", one can read the following passage:
"Haadet goede wacht tyan da Nordera oordt, Want vuyt da Grimma herna comt ws all quaed voort."
Having been simply called "Erweiterte Oberschule Grimma" from September 1990 as a consequence of the political changes of 1989/1990, the school was officially named "Gymnasium St. Augustin zu Grimma" with the start of school year 1992/1993. Unlike its sister schools in Meißen and Pforta, however, it did not regain the rank of a "Landesschule", i.e. of an elite state gymnasium.
With the approval of the administration of Saxony, Landesschule Grimma and the local state secondary school ("Staatliche Oberschule Grimma") were merged in September 1946. The combined school was reformed according to the law regarding the democratisation of the German school of 1946 and the law regarding the socialist development of the school system in the GDR of 1959.
Mutzschen () is a former town in the Leipzig district, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is situated 13 km east of Grimma, and 21 km northwest of Döbeln. With effect from 1 January 2012, it has been incorporated into the town of Grimma.
Nerchau is a town and a former municipality in the Leipzig district, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. Since 1 January 2011, it is part of the town Grimma. It is situated on the river Mulde, 7 km northeast of Grimma, and 30 km east of Leipzig (centre).
The roots of the district date back to the "Amt Grimma", which was formed in 1832 to 1838, and was later renamed "Kreis" (district). The city of Wurzen left the district 1926–1945 as a district-free city. In 1952 the area around Wurzen was split off from the district Grimma. This was reverted in 1994 when the two previous districts Grimma and Wurzen were merged again. A few municipalities from other districts around Bad Lausick were added as well. In August 2008, it became a part of the new district of Leipzig.
Louis Plaidy (28 November 1810 in Hubertusburg, Saxony3 March 1874 in Grimma, Saxony) was a celebrated German piano pedagogue and compiler of books of technical music studies.