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57. Saskatchewan Roughriders Alain Groleau DB Ottawa
In 1938, the Groleau Company built a sawmill at the south end of Missionary Lake, 4.3 km from Hervey-Jonction. On June 27, 1955, the mill was destroyed by a fire. It was rebuilt in the village of Sainte-Thècle, opposite the train station and next to the Groleau factory.
Michel Groleau appeared on the ballot as a non-affiliated candidate. He received 261 votes (0.83%), finishing fourth against Parti Québécois incumbent Sylvain Simard.
François Groleau (born January 23, 1973 in Longueuil, Quebec) is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman currently playing for Thetford Mines Isothermic in the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey.
The agricultural and forestry industries have marked its history. In the 19th and 20th century, there were many sawmills and flour. The main industries of the 20th century were Groleau Inc, Pierre Naud inc and "Veillet et frères".
With his NHL career now at an end, Groleau moved to Germany in 1998, playing one season in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga for the Augsburger Panther. He then returned to the AHL with the Quebec Citadelles again for one season. In 2000, Groleau returned to the DEL, signing for Adler Mannheim. He spent five seasons with the team, winning the league title in 2001 and the German Cup in 2003. He signed for EV Duisburg Die Füchse in 2005, but the team finished bottom of the league. He signed for EHC Black Wings Linz in 2006. After his second season with the Black Wings, Groleau spent two years in France with Diables Rouges de Briançon before returning to Canada to play with Thetford Mines Isothermic in 2010–11.
Solitude Nomade is the first solo album of Christine Ott, ondist (Ondes Martenot player) and pianist. The album is composed of instrumental tracks, in which the Ondes Martenot are the key instrument. ("Pensées sauvages", "Tropismes", "Déchirures"...). It was recorded with the help of 15 separate collaborators, including Yann Tiersen, Anne-Gaëlle Bisquay, François Pierron, Thierry Balasse, Eric Groleau, Monique Pierrot, Marc Sens, Ophir Lévy.
Groleau was drafted 41st overall by the Calgary Flames in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft. He spent two seasons in the American Hockey League with the Saint John Flames before he was traded to the Quebec Nordiques in March 1995 for Ed Ward. He finished the 1994–95 season in the AHL with the Cornwall Aces.
In 1926, the dining car was transported on a railroad flat car to Kenosha. It was then pulled by six horses to the downtown spot, near the shoreline of Lake Michigan, where it stands today. Anthony Franks, who first learned of the restaurant opportunity through a magazine article, paid $7,500 plus $325 in shipping charges to launch Franks Diner. Over the years, there have been few changes in the structural appearance of the Franks Diner. The original lunch car has an open grill and counter with 17 stools. A small dining room, which now contains seven booths, was added in 1935 and a larger kitchen in the mid-1940s. The Franks family operated Franks Diner continuously until 2001 when they sold it to Lynn Groleau, Chris Schwartz and Kris Derwae. Derwae sold her share to Groleau and Schwartz in 2006. In December 2010, Kevin Ervin and Julie Rittmiller purchased the restaurant and said they have no plans for changes in Franks Diner's operations.
Missionary Lake is divided into two parts, north and south, which are interconnected by Groleau Strait which is 0.77  km in length.The southern part of Missionary Lake discharges into the northern part of the lake through the Groleau Strait. Small boats can navigate through the southern entrance to the strait. There is a wider channel of about 0.5 km long in the middle portion of the strait, but the strait otherwise is difficult to navigate, being narrow and shallow in places with stones at the bottom. The northern part of the strait entry requires a portage with a canoe. A bridge spans the strait at its northern portion to serve the cottages located on the northeast shore of the lake.
In 1720, while she was only sixteen, Marie-Anne married Pierre Groleau, a resident of Deschambault, she had probably met during one of his visits to this Lordship to go see his sisters and his brothers Nicolas, who were already settled there for some time. Jean-Baptiste, the youngest of the family was nineteen years old and worked on the family land. So we can say that Marie had finished to raise all her children, at this time.
Laurent studied classical piano at the Niort conservatoire before changing to alto saxophone at the age of 12. She has been a member of the Christophe Joneau quartet. In parallel with her main trio with Yoni Zelnik and Laurent Bataille, she also had a trio with Hélène Labarrière et Éric Groleau, concentrating more on free improvisation. She prefers to play jazz standards to original compositions, and cites John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins and Eric Dolphy among her influences.
Dominique Pifarély is now focusing on different personal projects. Impromptu is a development of the collaboration with François Couturier, adding counter tenor Dominique Visse and a work on contemporary poetry. He also initiated numerous text/music experiences with French writer François Bon and actors Violaine Schwartz and Pierre Baux. The Dédales ensemble is an acoustic nine piece band. He founded in 2007 a trio with keyboard player Julien Padovani and drummer Eric Groleau.
In the 1957–58 season after the Komets were eliminated from the post-season by the Indianapolis Chiefs, Long made a cameo with the Louisville Rebels in the deciding game 7 of the Turner Cup Finals against the Chiefs. Allowed to play for the Rebels as a replacement for the injured Marius Groleau, Long participated and scored a goal in the Rebels Finals defeat to the Chiefs on April 2, 1958. Long suffered the rare distinctive feat of being eliminated twice in the same post-season to the same opponent.
In 1985 Rod Groleau started a training and consulting company (then named RJG Associates, Inc.), where he developed techniques for retrieving data for plastic conditions inside the mold, previous to this only data from the molding machine itself was used for processing techniques. By 1999, the company developed controls allowing for different "stages" of molding and the "DART" (Data Acquisition and Retrieval with Transducers) system which allowed for data to be retrieved by personal computers. In 1998, the company began offering Master molder certifications, a training program of robust scientific techniques which is highly valuable to employers in the industry. Since then, the company has continued to develop further innovations that have a major impact on the industry.
The south part of Missionary Lake is located partly in the municipality of Lac-aux-Sables (5th and 6th Row Price) and partly in Trois-Rives (from 1st row N.-E. to 5e row N.-E.). The Trois-Rives section was part of the unorganized region of Lac-Masketsi until August 28, 2004. The southern part of the lake is elongated along the north-south axis, with a length of 5.1 km and a maximum width of 0.5 km. The southern part of the lake is accessible by road from Hervey-Jonction's sector (in the municipality of Lac-aux-Sables), connected by Lac en coeur Road to Missionary Lake Road which runs along the south-western part of the lake. Missionary Lake Road continues beyond the Groleau strait, along the southwestern bank of North Missionary lake.