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otjiwarongo              rundu              keetmanshoop              gobabis              ondangwa              okahandja              outjo              omaruru              eenhana              mpika              mariental              karasburg              vryburg              oshakati              usakos              nylstroom              thabazimbi              swakopmund              ghanzi              karibib              mkushi              kitale              mafikeng              katima              palapye              mahalapye              ongwediva              otavi              francistown              tsumeb              mulilo              kigoma              solwezi              klerksdorp              molepolole              oshikango              zeerust              mpulungu              tzaneen              magaliesburg              mpanda              mbeya              upington              karonga              chingola              ellisras              krugersdorp              chiredzi              lephalale              oranjemund             

Examples of "grootfontein"
Grootfontein is home to three high schools, Grootfontein Secondary School, Friedrich Awaseb Senior Secondary School, and the Grootfontein Agricultural College.
Grootfontein Constituency is an electoral constituency in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia. It 21,595 inhabitants and consists of the town of Grootfontein and the surrounding rural area.
Central !Kung (Central !Xuun), or Central Ju, is a recently distinguished variety of the !Kung dialect cluster, spoken in a small area of northern Namibia: Neitsas, in Grootfontein district, and Gaub, in Tsumeb district. It is frequently reported as Grootfontein !Xuun, as most work has been done in Grootfontein.
Grootfontein Air Force Base is an air base of the Namibian Air Force in Grootfontein, a city in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia. The air base is about south of the center of Grootfontein. It was formerly a military air base for the South African Air Force. Most of the Air Force planes and personnel are hosted at the air base.
The town and surrounding areas are rich in history from the Anglo Boer War. The adjacent Grootfontein College of Agriculture was originally established as a military camp and training centre for British troops. About 7 000 troops from the Third Manchester Regiment were stationed at Grootfontein - some of them were married, so about 3 000 women and children also lived at Grootfontein. In 1910 the Union of South Africa took control of the farm after which the Grootfontein School of Agriculture was established in 1911. Today the college offers a two-year Certificate in Agriculture and a three-year Diploma in Agriculture, both accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee.
Grootfontein is governed by a municipal council that has seven seats.
From 1980 to the start of her national political career in 1999, Katjita was a teacher. During this time, she held multiple other positions, including Head of Department for Sciences, Mathematics, English, and Afrikaans at the Ministry of Education in Grootfontein (1993–1999), member of the School Board and Management Committee at Kalenga English Primary School (1993–1999), Treasurer of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Grootfontein (1994–recent), Chairperson of the Grootfontein Town Council (1995–1996), part-time teacher at the Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) in Grootfontein (1995–1999), and assistant researcher to Dr. S. Ellingson at the University of Namibia (1997).
The railway line from Otavi to Grootfontein is long and was completed in 1908.
Several other national businesses are based out of Grootfontein, including Simondeum Fine Meats, a manufacturer of sausage and meat products.
The Grootfontein non-directional beacon (Ident: GF) and VOR-DME (Ident: GFV) are located on the field.
These come in the same eight series as in Grootfontein !Kung, here represented with the palatal articulation:
Grootfontein !Kung is unusual in having true retroflex clicks, which are subapical for some speakers and have lateral release, as in the word for 'water', (provisionally written "g‼ú"). There are thus five places of articulation in Grootfontein clicks, . These come in eight series, here represented with the retroflex articulation:
Grootfontein ( after the nearby hot springs) is a city of 23,793 inhabitants in the Otjozondjupa Region of central Namibia. It is one of the three towns in the Otavi Triangle, situated on the B8 national road that leads from Otavi to the Caprivi Strip. Grootfontein receives an annual average rainfall of , although in the 2010/2011 rainy season were measured.
Grootfontein is a railhead on TransNamib, the national railway and transport system. The next station to the west is Otavi. Grootfontein is also home of Namibia's main military base which housed several units of the now departed South African Defence Force. It has an airfield that can handle large transport carriers such as the Hercules C130, as well as commercial passenger aircraft.
In 1885, about 40 Boer families from the north-west of South Africa settled at Grootfontein. Part of the Dorslandtrekker, they were heading towards the area currently known as Lubango, in Angola, which was claimed by Portugal. When that territory officially fell under Portuguese control due to the Conference of Berlin, they turned back and tried to establish the "Republic of Upingtonia" at Grootfontein.
SWATF Otjiwarongo AME (Area Force Unit - "Area Mag Eenheid"), Outjo AME, Grootfontein AME, Tsumeb AME, Herreroland AME, Ethosa AME, Otavi AME, Damaraland AME and UIS PL. Its area of responsibility was likewise the Grootfontein, Tsumeb, Otavi, Outjo, Otjiwarongo, Hereroland and Damaraland regions.
"Grootfontein Show", an annual agricultural exhibition that takes place since 1911, is the second largest annual entrepreneurial exhibition in the country, after Windhoek Show.
Previously the German school Regierungsschule Grootfontein was in the town. In 1965 it had 4 teachers and 117 learners and was supported by German government.
The road from Otjinene to Grootfontein, an extension of the Trans-Kalahari Highway which passes Okamatapati, is being tarred. The work is expected to be completed in 2017.
In 1908 the Roman Catholic church established a mission in Grootfontein as the basis of their eventually successful attempt to establish missions in Kavango.