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ishavsbyen              polarstjernen              norild              gevir              skarphedin              morild              vaulen              nidelv              salangen              spjelkavik              finnsnes              strindheim              finstadbru              bossekop              gvarv              randaberg              tromsdalen              vormsund              vadmyra              funnefoss              silsand              vindbjart              tverrelvdalen              brumunddal              buvik              nybergsund              ulefoss              medkila              jevnaker              innstranden              mellembygd              drangedal              ulfstind              kattem              skotfoss              tollnes              malvik              haugar              fjellhamar              selbak              skjetten              langesund              sunndal              clausenengen              frogn              stathelle              hardhaus              stryn              orkanger              hasselvika             

Examples of "grovfjord"
Roar Christensen (born 29 April 1971) is a Norwegian football midfielder who currently is the playing head coach of Grovfjord IL.
In the 2008 season Christensen was an assisting coach in Grovfjord IL. Ahead of the 2009 season he was promoted to head coach, doubling as an active player.
Skånland () is a municipality in Troms county, Norway. It is part of the Central Hålogaland region, just southeast of the city of Harstad. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Evenskjer. Other villages include Grovfjord, Renså, Sandstrand, and Tovik.
In the 2007 Norwegian Football Cup, Lofoten won the qualifying matches against Grovfjord, and was drawn against the 2. Divisjon team Mjølner in the first round. After eliminating Mjølner, Lofoten met the regional greats Bodø/Glimt in the second round. Lofoten lost 1–3 after extra time at home against the 1. Divisjon team.
He started his career in Grovfjord IL, and joined regional greats Tromsø IL ahead of the 1996 season. He made his debut in May 2006 and played his last game in November 2006, amassing 235 league games, most of them in the Norwegian Premier League.
Grov or Grovfjord is a village in the municipality of Skånland in Troms county, Norway. The village is located east of the village of Tovik along the Grovfjorden at a very narrow point in the fjord. It is about southeast of the city of Harstad and about west of Narvik. The Moelva and Gårdselva rivers flow through the village into the fjord. The village has a population (2013) of 356, which gives the village a population density of .
As the still undefeated units of the 6th Division, amongst them the Alta Battalion, marched down from the snow-covered hills on 9 June 1940 many of the soldiers cried tears of bitterness and disappointment that victory had been snatched from them. At 0000hrs 10 June 1940 the ceasefire came into effect. During the early hours of the 10th the soldiers of the battalion marched to Grovfjord, under intermittent air attacks, from where they embarked fishing boats for the journey back to Altagård.