Synonyms for grucheti or Related words with grucheti

mascarenotus              duboisi              goudotii              onitis              mauritanicus              fulvicollis              diaphora              peyrierasi              florensis              labiatus              seychellensis              mocquard              neuroxena              babaulti              laglaizei              albolineatus              minusculus              canthophorus              hypalastoroides              leptodactylodon              nitidicollis              coarctatus              rhinotyphlops              curimata              wittei              parvidens              brunnich              sauzieri              lieftincki              horvathi              faldermann              cavernarum              bischoffi              cryptophthalmus              borbonica              lipophrys              discoidalis              signatus              denticollis              amblyodipsas              neurankylus              acutifrons              relictus              longifrons              schaeferi              monocerata              pantherinus              humbloti              poecilus              quadripunctatus             

Examples of "grucheti"
Cnaphalocrocis grucheti is a moth in the Crambidae family. It was described by Viette in 1976. It is found on La Réunion.
The Réunion owl ("Mascarenotus grucheti") was a small owl that occurred on the Mascarene island of Réunion, but became extinct before living birds could be described; it is only known from subfossil bones. It belongs to the Mascarene owls of the genus "Mascarenotus", and most likely was similar to a long-eared owl in size and appearance, but with nearly naked legs. The Mascarene owls were, however, more closely related to the genus "Ninox". Compared to the Mauritius owl and the Rodrigues owl, it was the most terrestrial species of the genus, with long legs and possibly somewhat reduced flight capability; more probably though it was simply smaller than the Mauritius bird – between that species and the one from Rodrigues in size – but had equally long legs: the only suitable food available in quantity on Réunion were small birds. It can be assumed to have preyed on sleeping songbirds in the manner of the unrelated but convergent "Grallistrix" "stilt-owls" from Hawaii.