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Examples of "guatemalteca"
Guatemalteca virgen is a species of beetles in the family Carabidae. It is the only species in the genus Guatemalteca.
The following are the national records in track cycling in Guatemala maintained by its national cycling federation: Federación Guatemalteca de Ciclismo.
Mesenochroa guatemalteca is a moth of the Arctiidae family. It was described by Felder in 1874. It is found in Guatemala.
The Guatemalan Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Guatemalteca or FAG) is a small air force composed mostly of U.S.-made aircraft throughout its history.
The Academia Guatemalteca de la Lengua (Spanish for "Guatemalan Academy of Language") is an association of academics and experts on the use of the Spanish language in Guatemala.
Rodríguez de Ita, Guadalupe. 2003.La participación política en la primavera guatemalteca: una aproximación a la historia de los partidos durante el periodo 1944-1954. México: Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
Guatemalan Democratic Vanguard (in Spanish: "Vanguardia Democrática Guatemalteca") was a leftwing group in Guatemala. VDG was founded in 1947 as a fraction within the ruling Revolutionary Action Party (PAR). The leader of VDG was José Manuel Fortuny.
She founded and directed for several literary journals throughout her career and was a member of the Academia Guatemalteca de la Lengua. Acuña died at the age of 101 in her home next to the parish church of Jutiapa, Guatemala.
Margarita Carrera Molina (Guatemala City, 16 September 1929) is a Guatemalan philosopher, professor and writer. She is a member of the Academia Guatemalteca de la Lengua and the 1996 laureate of the Miguel Ángel Asturias National Prize in Literature.
Between 1896 and 1897 he wrote regularly for the "La Ilustración Guatemalteca" where he worked alongside writer and public speaker Rafael Spinola and with the Guatemalan photography pioneer Alberto G. Valdeavellano. His articles were mainly about political and cultural issues.
From 1896 to 1897 Spínola was editor in chief of "La Ilustración Guatemalteca", a biweekly cultural magazine that, even though it was only published until 1898, is to this day an important reference for the economic and political situation of Guatemala during the last year of general José María Reina Barrios government. "La Ilustración Guatemalteca" included extended articles about the Exposición Centroamericana of 1897 –in which Spínola pronounced the inaugural speech– the demarcation of the international border with Mexico in 1897 and the economical crisis that resulted in the September 1897 revolts and the eventual assassination of president Reina Barrios on 8 February 1898.
A grievance filed with the Asociacion Guatemalteca de Rugby by another Guatemala City team nearly prevented the club from competing in the 2010 Asociacion Guatemalateca de Rugby 15s tournament. However, support from other Guatemalan club teams and the El Salvadorian National Rugby Team prompted the association to allow their entry into the 2010 season. The Guatemala Quetzal Rugby Club went on to win the national title, the first team in Guatemala's history to do so in an undefeated fashion. GQRC has since been accepted as full and lifetime members of Asociacion Guatemalteca de Rugby.
In the early 1990s, he served as Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize under President Jorge Serrano Elías. In 1996, he bought the newly privatized telecommunications firm TELGUA, now known as Claro Guatemala. In 2003, he ran for President as a member of the Democracia Cristiana Guatemalteca political party, but withdrew.
The Guerrilla Army Of The Poor (EGP – "Ejército Guerrillero de los Pobres") was a Guatemalan Marxist-Leninist guerrilla movement, one of the four organizations comprising the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG – "Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca") that negotiated and signed the peace accords in Guatemala with the government and the Army of Guatemala.
He graduated high school at the then prestigious Instituto Nacional for boys, where he was classmate with Rafael Spínola - who would later become editor in chief of "La Ilustración Guatemalteca" and "La Idea Liberal" and eventually secretary of Infrastructure of president Manuel Estrada Cabrera-; Spínola described him in 1896 as a consumed artist that used to draw his classmates and teacher while in class.
The club was established in early 2010 becoming only the sixth club rugby team in Guatemala's history. The club was formed by a mixture of Guatemalan nationals and expatriates with the intention of raising the level of play in Guatemala and competing in the Association Guatemalteca de Rugby 15s tournament. Their first training took place at Colegio Interamericano on March 20, 2010.
Tarjeta de Identificación Consular Guatemalteca (TICG) is Guatemala's consular identification card also known as the Guatemalan CID card. Guatemala began issuing this card in the United States in August 2002 following the lead of the Mexican government's foreign consular agents in the U.S. who began lobbying U.S. states, municipalities and financial institutions to accept the Mexican CID card in March 2002.
Today, the Garifuna and Afro-Caribbean people of Guatemala are organized in a group called Organización Negra Guatemalteca (Onegua). According to its website, Onegua is "a non-governmental organisation established in 1995 with a mandate to promote the interests and fight for the rights of Guatemala's Garifuna and Afrodescendant populations". There is also an association, called Asociación Raíces Afrodescendientes Guatemaltecas.
The Guatemalan Armed Forces consists of the National Army of Guatemala ("Ejercito Nacional de Guatemala", ENG), the Guatemalan National Defense Navy ("Marina de la Defensa Nacional", includes Marines), the Guatemalan Air Force ("Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca", FAG), and the Presidential Honor Guard ("Guardia de Honor Presidencial").
Asturias' son from his first marriage, Rodrigo Asturias, under the "nom de guerre" Gaspar Ilom, the name of an indigenous rebel in his father's own novel, "Men of Maize", was President of the Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca (URNG). The URNG was a rebel group active in the 1980s, during the Guatemalan Civil War, and after the peace accords in 1996.