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Examples of "guenet"
The successive directors were C. Sadron, H. Benoit, C. Wippler, G. Weill, G. Maret, J.C Wittmann, J.-F. Legrand, J.-M. Guenet, C. Gauthier being the current director.
In 1990, doctor Jean-Michel Guenet was awarded the Dillon medal also from the American Physical Society for his research on polymer chains conformation in semi-crystalline polymers and his contribution to the understanding of the nature of gel state.
Three young canonesses left their monastery in Dieppe, on the coast of the English Channel, and arrived in New France on 1 August 1639 with the goal of opening the hospital. They were Mothers Marie de Saint-Ignace Guenet, Marie de Saint-Bonaventure Forestier and Anne de Saint-Bernard Le Cointre.
Since 2012, the "Charles Sadron Institute Conference Series" were created at the initiative of Jean-Michel Guenet, director of the institute. The first conference supported by the European Research Council took place in November 2012 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. 26 invited lectures were presented by a chemistry Nobel Prize laureate (Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn) and ERC laureates (Starting and Advanced grants).
The Wrong Object is an avant-garde jazz fusion band from Belgium. Its current line-up is Michel Delville (who founded the band in 2002 and who has authored nearly all of its published work) on guitar, guitar-synth, voice and compositions, Marti Melia on saxophones and clarinet, Antoine Guenet on keyboards, Pierre Mottet on bass and electronics, and Laurent Delchambre on drums. Former members include Fred Delplancq on tenor sax, Damien Polard on bass, and Jean-Paul Estiévenart (winner of the Django d'Or award for best young jazz musician in 2007) on trumpet.
He was born in Polzela (), near Celje, Slovenia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, into a family of assimilated Jews. He studied medicine in Zagreb, Graz and Zürich. In Zürich, he met Goldy Matthèy-Guenet who became his wife. At the end of World War II, the two travelled to the liberated zone in south-east Slovenia, where they volunteered as physicians in the units of the partisan resistance. After the War, the two moved back to Zürich, where Parin founded a psychoanalytic seminar. In the 1950s, he travelled to Africa with his wife and Fritz Morgenthaler. Together with George Devereux, Parin became the co-founder of the ethnopsychoanalysis.