Synonyms for guentheri or Related words with guentheri

rostratus              laticeps              signatus              steindachneri              vittatus              ornatus              petersi              auriculatus              petersii              oblongus              nigripes              septentrionalis              ocellata              antarcticus              helleri              nasuta              latifrons              macrops              striolatus              steindachner              kner              cincta              werneri              variegatus              grandidieri              bilineatus              boettgeri              microps              mocquard              depressus              villosus              ciliatus              lugubris              cuvieri              klunzinger              maculosus              planifrons              celebensis              morelet              limbatus              pulchellus              marmoratus              edwardsii              darwini              schmidti              granulatus              wilsoni              lunulatus              bibron              obtusus             

Examples of "guentheri"
The first description of "C. guentheri" was by Boulenger, in 1885, as "Phyllodactylus guentheri".
This parasite infects the flying lacertid "Holaspis guentheri".
"P. guentheri" is often found on bottle palms, fan palms ("Latania loddigesii "), and Pandanus. Since much of the original vegetation is destroyed, by tropical cylones, "P. guentheri" is forced to live in rocky crevices.
The specific name, "guentheri", is in honor of German-born British herpetologist Albert Günther.
Lepidotrigla guentheri is a species of fish in the searobin family
The specific epithet, "guentheri", commemorates German-born British zoologist Albert Günther.
"C. guentheri" is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN, and by the Australian government's EPBC act.
The specific name, "guentheri", is in honor of German-born British herpetologist Albert Günther.
"T. guentheri" is found in India (Sikkim, West Bengal), Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan.
Ristella guentheri, commonly known as Günther's Ristella, is a species of skink endemic to India.
The specific name, "guentheri", is in honor of German-British herpetologist Albert Günther.
Ischnocnema guentheri is a species of frog in the Brachycephalidae family.
"C. guentheri" is found in Israel, Lebanon, and parts of western Jordan and Syria.
Uroplatus guentheri is a species of nocturnal gecko, which is endemic to Madagascar.
"R. guentheri" is found in India, in Madurai district, Tenmalai, Travancore, and the Anaimalai Hills.
Platymantis guentheri is a species of frog in the Ceratobatrachidae family.
In Australia, "R. guentheri" is found in the state of Western Australia and in Northern Territory.
Günther's dik-dik ("Madoqua guentheri") is a small antelope found in arid zones of East Africa.
Callionymus guentheri is a species of dragonet endemic to the Pacific waters of the Philippines.
The specific name, "guentheri", is in honour of German-born British herpetologist Albert Günther.