Synonyms for guetre or Related words with guetre

swinn              mattijssen              bobillier              moukam              lurot              breedt              meligui              villemaire              debassige              alakannuark              broido              dombrowsky              balandras              petersoncathy              zakova              esterman              maccharles              lhermet              sevianu              oldford              diducknancy              sulentic              omwenga              dimson              patterk              freking              janeski              potrc              sladky              sonnek              arngna              peatysiobhan              adank              kallmyer              kundell              fusenot              rosara              keenainak              godridge              speegle              weppler              tchorzewski              episodesscreen              prigmore              novakowski              landeau              capderou              arless              devicq              choat             

Examples of "guetre"
Epp returned to Canada in 2004 to contest the Provencher riding, and defeated Marcel Hacault, Lee Guetre and Herm Martens to win the Liberal nomination ("Winnipeg Free Press", 6 February 2004). The Liberal Party had held the riding as recently as 2000, but faced a difficult struggle to reclaim it. Epp received 8,975 votes (24.92%), finishing second against Conservative incumbent Vic Toews.