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kukma              ranchhod              sinugra              dharampur              kittur              jamuni              rameswar              ladpur              thakre              kundurpi              rampura              lalpur              pitambar              dungri              indapur              devaliya              bavda              chandur              biswanath              jibanpur              nagor              bishwanath              palem              sonbarsa              bhadradri              pratapnagar              gangji              kushtagi              vasna              rayavaram              annasaheb              chitrashi              chawda              sholapur              vishvanath              bhuban              tharum              natraj              babanrao              krosuru              kumbharia              shivjee              krishnarajpet              sheshagiri              pundir              sojitra              vengal              nageswari              siripuram              mavji             

Examples of "gugor"
The town is connected with neighbouring districts and with major cities outside the state. State Highway No. 37A passes through the town. Nearest Railway station to the town is Chhabra Gugor Railway station(17 km) & Salpura Railway Station(17km).And The major Railway Station is Kota Junction(138km). Although the town has a bus stand. The nearest major airports are located at Jaipur International Airport, Udaipur Airport, and Jodhpur Airport. These airports connect Rajasthan with the major cities of India such as Delhi and Mumbai.
In 1964, the cenotaph was moved from its original location to the site of the National Monument in Lake Gardens before a planned flyover connecting "Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin" and the Parliament roundabout was constructed over the original site. Transfer of the cenotaph was made possible by dismantling the structure into catalogued parts, allowing the structure to be transported in pieces and reassembled in its original form at the National Monument. Following its move, inscriptions were added to include fallen soldiers from the Malayan Emergency (1948–1960) and an archaic Malay translation of "To Our Glorious Dead", ""Untok Mengingati Jasa Pahlawan-pahlawan Yang Gugor"" ("To Remember the Service of Warriors Who Have Fallen").