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goads              shapeshifts              coerces              guilts              cajoles              shoehorned              goaded              woges              metamorphosised              cajoled              blackmails              restrengthens              forayed              inveigled              dragooned              shapeshifted              coaxes              intimidates              cajole              goading              barged              cursoroutofrange              devolves              parlayed              transmogrified              coaxed              brainwashes              reintegrated              segued              suckered              delved              filmentered              sneaked              bluffed              metamorphosized              filmdubbed              segueing              blackmailed              foraying              conned              inveigles              reintensified              snuck              bellevan              snowballed              sudivided              duped              railroaded              lulled              clattered             

Examples of "guilted"
On the August 3 episode of "NXT", a vignette aired of Ember Moon's upcoming debut at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II. On the August 17 episode of "NXT", Billie Kay guilted general manager William Regal into putting her into the match against Ember Moon.
When Gloria discovered Orson was cheating on Alma, she decided to go to his mistress Monique's house. Gloria ended up killing Monique "in self-defense" when she told her to stay away from Orson, and Monique attacked her. Orson discovered Gloria standing over Monique's body and Gloria guilted Orson, with his father's suicide, to help her hide Monique's body. Orson obliged and after the deed was done, he sent Gloria to live in a nursing home.
Eventually, Yvette's gangster ex-boyfriend Rodney (Snoop Dogg) is released from San Quentin State Prison, and returns to the neighborhood to move in with Yvette, much to her dismay. Rodney doesn't care for Yvette and JoJo and wants to impregnate Yvette himself. Rodney attempts to rape Yvette in front of her son, but reconsiders after being guilted by Yvette and JoJo. Despite their previous differences, Yvette begins to realize she is still in love with Jody.
After meditating for several hundred years, a magical white snake transforms into a beautiful woman. Her competitor, a black snake, does likewise. The two compete for the love of a man named Khouw Han Boen. Ultimately Khouw agrees to marry the (former) white snake, but when her true identity is revealed he attempts to cancel their wedding. The snake-woman, crying, tells Khouw's boss that they are to be married, and ultimately Khouw is guilted into marrying her.
Matthew's parents Bo (Robert S. Woods and Nora Buchanan refuse to allow the surgery on minor Matthew, and Greg proceeds to leave town before being guilted to stay by his brother Shaun (Sean Ringgold) and Shaun's girlfriend and Matthew's sister Rachel Gannon (Daphnee Duplaix). Matthew successfully sues his parents for the right to authorize surgery, and Greg tell Matthew that he would testify on his behalf, angering Matthew's Rachel.
While working on a case, Kevin interviewed a key witness, Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane). Scotty, who was more flamboyant than Kevin, quickly deduced Kevin's homosexuality and accused him of being ashamed and trying to "pass" for heterosexual. Kevin was irritated by Scotty's insinuations, but after Sarah invited Scotty to the Walker home for a pool party, Kevin began to let his guard down. He made a date with Scotty, but had to cancel when his mother Nora guilted him into accompanying her to a golf tournament. She changed her mind during the tournament and they went to the movies instead, where they ran into Scotty and a male companion holding hands. Later, Kevin confronted his mother for using him instead of allowing him to live his own life.
Albert was closest to those who took the time to visit him. His daughter Beattie rarely did so, usually turning up only when she was needed. Albert did not feel close to her and refused his Doctor's recommendations that he moved in with Beattie and her husband Norman Pearson, as he knew they did not want him and so he would never be at home. Beattie liked to think of herself as the perfect daughter to Albert, and overcompensated for her inactive role in his life during her fleeting visits, such as when she guilted Jerry Booth into paying £5 compensation when Albert was gassed by a faulty cooper fitted by Jerry, Albert having made clear that he did not want compensation.
However, in spite of her happiness, Laura's health continued to deteriorate rapidly and the only possible way to save her life was with a heart transplant. In the nick of time, Leo learned that friend Gillian Lavery had been shot in the head, and managed to convince her grieving husband Ryan to donate Gillian's heart to Laura. Laura rapidly recovered, but was quite needy. Leo almost immediately realized that as much as he wanted to, he did not love Laura. Leo loved only Greenlee, and he could barely even make love to his wife. Laura began to go insane, plotted against Greenlee, and ultimately guilted Leo into a "proper" ceremony, which was stopped only because Greenlee set off the sprinkler system. Leo took the downpour as symbolic, and cut all ties with Laura. Within a few months, she left town to get therapy, and Leo and Greenlee happily reunited.
In the third and final episode of the movie, Spinelli and her parents go to a pumpkin patch where Spinelli picks an ugly pumpkin for Halloween. Lawson and his gang are also at the patch, telling Spinelli that she is too old for Halloween and that they are only there to throw the pumpkins, not make them into lanterns. She too believes that she is too old for Halloween, and consequently asks her parents to leave. However, her parents tell her that they have to get a picture of her sitting on a giant pumpkin like they have done since she was a baby. Guilted into it by the baby pictures, Spinelli sits on the pumpkin, but it gives way and bursts under her weight. Seeing this, Lawson begins to laugh at Spinelli.
7 "How Danny's friends became a force for good. How they succored the poor pirate." — The pirate, a mentally handicapped man who is followed by 5 dogs, is invited by Pilon to stay at Danny's house. Pirate promised that if God would save his sick dog, he would buy a golden candlestick for St. Francis. The sickly dog recovered, though he was soon after run over by a truck. Pirate is determined to keep his promise to buy a gold candlestick for St. Francis with 1000 quarters, or "two-bitses" ($250). The Pirate is the only paisano who works, and makes 25 cents a day selling kindling, but lives on food scraps given in charity, and saves the cash. He has hidden a great bag of quarters, known about by all. When he reveals his treasure to them, they are guilted into aiding him in his endeavor.
Later in the day after receiving his hardship discharge, Radar is going though his belongings and finds various mementos of his service, including his Purple Heart, a photograph of his Uncle Ed, and a rectal thermometer Lt. Col. Blake gave him after his own discharge. Meanwhile, the office is still in disarray as Klinger has organized nothing and still has had no luck finding a generator. Despite pleas by Klinger to assist him, Radar refuses and tells Klinger that he is going to have to learn how to do the company clerk job on his own, mentioning that no one had helped him when he first came to the 4077th. Ultimately, Radar is guilted into helping Klinger by Major Winchester, who chides Radar's selfishness for being eager to leave for home while the 4077th is still without power.
Devastated, Jessica leaves the country for a business trip and Constance starts work as Terrence's secretary. One day, Terrence confesses his feelings to Constance but she avoided him by saying she still remembers her husband and Derek. After much persistence, they start dating. However, at almost the same time Jessica returns with Martin. It was revealed that they had gotten married. This time when the parents find out it is SiuYau who storms away. Jessica reveals that her mother only objected to her relationship with Martin because she had wanted to set Constance and Terrence up. Because of this Constance knows she can't date Terrance any more. Sylvia knows her mother had set the stage now where Constance is guilted into staying away from Terrance, and decides to help her sister. Finally after some twists, Constance gains the courage to be with Terrence again, but Jessica is upset at what people would say about two sisters marrying a father and son.
Though Daredevil refused this deal, Vanessa went ahead and arranged for the murder of Leland Drummond, the corrupt FBI director who outed Matt in order to advance his own career within the FBI. To discredit his outing of Daredevil, the murder was made to look like a suicide and a false and highly damning suicide note was planted at the scene, claiming that Drummond took his own life after it became apparent that his scheme to frame Matt Murdock was about to be exposed. Shortly afterwards, Vanessa died and Murdock found himself morally guilted into serving as the Kingpin's lawyer, getting the charges dropped on the grounds that the evidence was too tainted to bring him to court. But Daredevil would exact his own form of Faustian bargain with Kingpin, as he forced the crime boss to renounce his American citizenship and leave the country forever in exchange for his nemesis's legal services, stating that any attempt to continue their vendetta would be an insult to the memory of the good woman Vanessa had once been.
John's first romantic relationship was with widow Kim Reynolds. John saw Kim as the perfect doctor's wife and was determined to marry her. His opportunity came when he discovered that Kim was pregnant with her brother-in-law, John's professional rival, Bob Hughes's, baby. Although Kim was determined to raise the child on her own, John persuaded her to marry him to give the child a name. Sadly, the child died at birth. Desperate to keep his wife, John blackmailed her into staying married to him by threatening to tell Kim's sister the truth about her pregnancy. Although he was content to stay in a loveless marriage, soon the lack of intimacy got to him and he raped Kim. Having no legal recourse, Kim decided to leave John. After a terrible argument, Kim ran away from John. He followed and fell down the stairs becoming paralyzed. In his debilitated condition, John played on Kim's sympathy and guilted her into staying married to him. However, Kim would find herself falling for John's rival, Dr. Dan Stewart.
Not long after his divorce from Lisa, Bob fell for a sweet nurse named Sylvia Hill who was suffering from lupus. However, that relationship ended rather quickly since Sylvia decided to return home to her native Michigan. Bob continued to be busy building his medical career and became best friends with the older Dr. David Stewart. Meanwhile, at home, Tommy was lashing out at the Hugheses, thanks to Lisa's poisoning his mind against them. Blaming his father for the breakup of the marriage, Tommy destroyed "daddy" dolls and destroyed all gifts that Bob bought him. Finally, one day, Lisa suddenly left Oakdale with Tommy. Searching for him, the Hugheses discovered that he was placed in a military school in California and Bob and his father, Chris, retrieved the boy and brought him home. Now with his father, Tommy formed a close bond with his family again. Soon after, Bob received word that Lisa had gone to L.A. looking for Tommy, so he flew over to meet her only to find her nearly catatonic following a rape. Distressed at her condition, Bob brought her home. Also returning to Oakdale was Sylvia, whose lupus was in remission. Bob and Sylvia resumed their relationship and became engaged. Unfortunately by now, Lisa had recovered from her traumatic experience in L.A., and guilted Sylvia about splitting up the family. Not wanting to be a detriment to a potential reconciliation, Sylvia ended it with Bob and left town. However, though Lisa and Nancy, had hoped that he'd marry her again, he rebuffed her advances.
During the 2014 fall season, Clarkson conceived the idea of organizing a benefit concert during a rush-hour commute from Nashville to Hendersonville, Tennessee while preparing the release of her seventh studio album "Piece by Piece" (2015). She had originally planned to organize a small concert for an intimate audience. But upon presenting the idea to her manager Narvel Blackstock, the concept developed into an arena concert featuring prominent musicians who at some point had lived in Nashville. Together, they invited Reba McEntire, Clarkson's mother-in-law and Blackstock's wife. She recalled, "I figured if I got (McEntire), everyone would have to say yes. I've never asked an artist to do anything other than sing with me which a lot of people had said no and it hurts my feelings, which is okay." Clarkson later invited a various set of musicians: Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Ronnie Dunn, Kacey Musgraves, Hayley Williams, Chad Gilbert, Charles Esten, Meghan Trainor, Martina McBride, Kix Brooks, and Deborah Allen. She revealed, "I basically guilted people into it. And it was a very brave thing for me." Dolly Parton, whom she had also invited, had to turn down the offer due to scheduling conflicts. Clarkson had also revealed that other recording artists had also turned down the offer for the same reason but promised to participate for a 2015 concert. On the September 5, 2015 date of her Piece by Piece Tour at the Bridgestone Arena, she announced that the 2015 edition of the benefit concert would be held on December 18, 2015. She later announced that the concert in 2015 had been cancelled because of her health problems but promised to hold another concert in 2016. The concert in 2016 was be held on December 16 and the guest musicians included Reba McEntire, Ronnie Dunn, Kelsea Ballerini, RaeLynn, Charles Esten, The SteelDrivers and more.