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Jiang Guoliang () is a retired male badminton player from China.
Guoliang may refer to the following Chinese names:
The Guoliang Tunnel () is carved along the side of and through a mountain in China. The tunnel links the village of Guoliang to the outside through the Taihang Mountains which are situated in Huixian, Xinxiang, Henan Province of China.
He and his vice commander Zhang Guoliang commanded a 90,000 man force together from April 1853.
Asymptotic dimension achieved particular prominence in geometric group theory after a 1998 paper of Guoliang Yu
His father was Ma Zhan'ao and his brother was Ma Guoliang.
Military commander: Second Class Senior General Zhang GuoLiang (KIA early May 1860)
Guoliang Yu is a Chinese American mathematician. After receiving his Ph.D from SUNY at Stony Brook in 1991
Xiang Rong order general Zhang Guoliang led reinforcements from Jiangnan DaYing to save Jirhangga but arrived too late (Jirhangga had been killed a week earlier), but Zhang Guoliang defeated the Taiping and recovered the important city of Zhenjiang occupied for five years by the Taiping. Jirhangga's death and the five days combat changed the Taiping rebels's former offensive toward the north
"Notable penhold pimpled hitters": Liu Guoliang, Jiang Jialiang, Toshio Tasaki, Yang Ying, Gwak Bang-Bang, Seok Eun-Mi, He Zhi Wen, Lee Eun-Hee, Wang Zeng Yi.
Liu Guoliang also won two table tennis golds in men's events. China won all four golds in table tennis for the first time.
In 1996, Kong won the gold medal in the men's doubles competition together with Liu Guoliang. Four years later, he won the gold medal in the men's singles competition and the silver medal in the doubles event again together with Liu Guoliang. This made him the third player to achieve a career grand slam of three majors (Olympics, World Cup, World Championships). He is considered by many to be the most complete player of all time.
Because Zhang Guoliang left Jiangnan Daying and recovered Zhenjiang, over 400,000 Taiping troops occurred second and more large offensive to Jiangnan DaYing, that was famous Battle of Nanking (1856) (??).
Zhang Guoliang (; 1810 - April 1860), born in Guangdong, was a Field Marshal for the Qing dynasty. He was born in Gaoyao, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China, although Qing state that he is from Meixian, Guangdong.
Zhang Guoliang was nicknamed Big head sheep (goose) as a member of the Tiandihui gang and was a bandit with Luo Dagang (羅大綱). He was said to have the habit of hiding a dagger in his boot.
In 1895, another Dungan Revolt (1895) broke out, and loyalist Muslims like Dong Fuxiang, Ma Anliang, Ma Guoliang, Ma Fulu, and Ma Fuxiang suppressed and massacred the rebel Muslims led by Ma Dahan, Ma Yonglin, and Ma Wanfu.
When Chief commander Zhang Guoliang and Imperial Commissioner Her Chyun died the Qing government promoted Zeng Guofan. This changed the course of the war in favor of the Qing and their western allies.
Li Yan is married to Tang Guoliang, a former Chinese skier. They have one daughter and maintain a residence in Colorado. Her family is moving back to China in 2010 following her contract extension with the Chinese national team.
His coaching career began in Mexico, where he served as an apprentice coach of China's national team, under his younger brother Liu Guoliang. He was appointed by the Singapore Table Tennis Association in 2006.
Alongside Xiang Rong, the Green Standard Army was led by Second Class Senior Gen. Her Chyun and Lt. Gen. Zhang Guoliang. The leaders of the Taiping forces were Shi Dakai, Yang Xiuqing, Qin Rigang(秦日綱) and Li Xiucheng.