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jiafu              qifeng              zhixing              jianchao              yijun              xiaoyang              guoping              weiying              jianhua              renliang              zhihong              yueqi              yanfei              jingyu              leilei              xiaoyan              xianying              yanfeng              xiaoxuan              guizhen              yiqing              guofu              chenglong              wenli              yanpeng              jianan              yufen              zhipeng              jiawei              weixing              zhihui              jieyi              jiaqi              haiqi              guoliang              jingwen              chengming              yunpeng              yongqing              zhihao              lianbiao              chunyuan              dezhi              jianlin              baohua              xiaohong              yajun              xueying              zongyuan              yiwen             

Examples of "guowei"
Zhu's indoor best of 2.31 m stood as the Chinese indoor record from 1986 until 2012, when Zhang Guowei jumped a centimetre higher.
In 1927, the poet Wang Guowei threw himself into the murmuring waters of Beijing’s Kunming Lake, never to be seen again in the first world.
Scholar Wang Guowei (1877–1927), who held the play in great esteem, compared it to the novel "Dream of the Red Chamber".
17. “The Translation of Ethics and the Question of Subjectivation: The Case of Wang Guowei.” "Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies." 8(2009.6): 9-60. (Chinese)
At the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, Bondarenko tied for silver with China's Zhang Guowei, behind Canada's Derek Drouin. He won the bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
14. “The Translation of Ethics: The problem of Wang Guowei,” "China and Its Others: Knowledge Transfer through Translation", 1829-2010. Ed. James St. Andre & Hsiaoyen Peng. New York & Amsterdam: Rodopi Publishing, 2011. 71-91. (English)
Armor Hero Atlas () is a 2014 Chinese science fiction action film directed by Zheng Guowei, based on the television series "Armor Hero". It was released on October 1 in China.
Armor Hero Captor King, also known as Armor Hero Buwang, is a 2016 Chinese action fantasy adventure film directed by Zheng Guowei. It was released in China on October 2, 2016.
Traditional Chinese Studies Institute () is a 2001 oil painting by Chinese painter Chen Danqing. It portrays five masters of Chinese language and literature who taught at Tsinghua University, Zhao Yuanren, Liang Qichao, Wang Guowei, Chen Yinque and Wu Mi.
Longkodo was the third son of Tong Guowei and the younger brother of the Kangxi Emperor's third Empress Consort, Empress Xiaoyiren. Another sister, was held the rank of "Guifei" ("Noble Consort") in the Kangxi Emperor's harem (third highest rank). Longkodo's father Tong Guowei was in turn the son of Tong Tulai, a noble who belonged to the Han Eight Banners, and maternal grandfather of the Kangxi Emperor through his mother Empress Xiaokangzhang. Longkodo was therefore both the Kangxi Emperor's maternal cousin, as well as his brother-in-law.
Wang Guowei (; 2 December 18772 June 1927), courtesy name Jing'an (靜安) or Boyu (伯隅), was a Chinese scholar, writer and poet. A versatile and original scholar, he made important contributions to the studies of ancient history, epigraphy, philology, vernacular literature and literary theory.
A native of Suzhou, Luo began to publish works of agriculture in Shanghai after the First Sino-Japanese War. With his friends, he set up "Dongwen Xueshe" (東文學社), a Japanese language teaching school in 1896. One of the students was Wang Guowei.
He facilitated the merger of Sina Real Estate Channel with E-House China, and successfully listed E-House China on NYSE on August 8, 2007. In December 2009, Shen helped the Cao Guowei team to lead the acquisition of the No.1 online portal Sina.
After Zhu Yousong collapsed, Zhu Hengjia claiming himself as Regent at Guangxi under support of Yang Guowei (), General soldiers of Guangxi, officer Gu Yi () and the others. He changed his era name as Hongwu (Zhu Yuanzhang's original era name), and the year he "reigned" became "278th year of Hongwu reign".
Zhang Guowei (; born June 4, 1991) is a Chinese high jumper. He holds the Chinese indoor record of 2.33 metres, and has jumped 2.38 metres outdoors. He was the silver medallist at the 2012 Asian Indoor Athletics Championships. He has been a finalist at the World Championships in Athletics and the IAAF World Indoor Championships and represented China at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Charles Chao or Cao Guowei () is a Chinese businessman who is the CEO and President of Sina Corp. Sina Corp is listed to trade on NASDAQ and now has around 12,900 employees worldwide. He has been with Sina since 1999, where he came in as vice president of finance.
Concerning the ethnic relationship between the Shiwei and the Khitan, "the ethnonymic distinction between the Shiwei and Khitan suggests that the division had been completed between the branches leading to Proto-Mongolic and Para-Mongolic". Tang dynasty historian Wan Guowei wrote that Shiwei were a Khitan tribe.
Zhang Guowei (born 4 January 1959) is a male Chinese former long-distance runner who competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics, the Asian Games and the Asian Athletics Championships. He has competed in the 5000 metres, the 10,000 metres, and the Marathon.
Major critics of the Doubting Antiquity School were historians associated with the "Critical Review" ("Xueheng" 學衡), a journal founded in 1922. The historians included Liu Yizheng, Liang Qichao (梁启超), Wang Guowei, Chen Yinque, and Miao Fenglin (繆鳳林).
Sang Guowei (Chinese: , "Sāng Guówèi"; born November 1941 in Zhejiang) is a retired Chinese politician. He served as the chairman of the Chinese Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party, a recognized minor political party in China, and was a Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress between 2008 and 2013.