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puraina              hakimpur              madhabpur              sankarpur              sreenagar              shekhpura              birampur              bahadurpur              prempur              kathalia              lalpur              parsauni              fultala              hariharpur              gokulpur              bishanpur              puraini              shankarpur              dataganj              shibganj              pratappur              mustqil              lakshmipur              laxmipur              maheshpur              faridganj              muragachha              belkuchi              husainpur              bajitpur              ratibati              barishal              tajpur              dumariya              bibipur              sakhuwa              pargaon              kutubpur              kalinagar              sonbarsa              pokhariya              osmanpur              bhagwanpur              sarail              gopalnagar              madanpur              fatehbad              paharpur              gobindpur              mahmoodabad             

Examples of "gurudaspur"
Gurudaspur Thana was formed in 1917 and it was turned into an upazila in 1984. Gurudaspur has 9 Unions/Wards, 118 Mauzas/Mahallas, and 102 villages.
Gurudaspur () is an Upazila of Natore District in the Division of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
References Bangladesh Population Census 2001, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics; Cultural survey report of Gurudaspur Upazila 2007.
As of the 1991 Bangladesh census, Gurudaspur has a population of 173276. Males constitute 50.72% of the population, and females 49.28%. This Upazila's eighteen up population is 87290. Gurudaspur has an average literacy rate of 23.4% (7+ years), and the national average of 32.4% literate.
Gurudaspur Assembly Constituency (Sl. No.: 4) is a Punjab Legislative Assembly constituency in Gurdaspur district, Punjab state, India.
Bhakuri I, Bhakuri II, Chhaighari, Doulatabad, Gurudaspur, Haridasmati, Hatinagar, Madanpur, Manindra Nagar, Neallishpara Goaljan, Naoda, Nowdapanur, Radharghat I, Radharghat II, Rajdharpara, Rangamati Chandpara, Sahajadpur and Satui Chowrigachha.
As per orders of the Delimitation Commission, No. 72 Baharampur (Vidhan Sabha constituency) covers Baharampur municipality, and Bhakuri I, Daulatabad, Gurudaspur, Hatinagar and Manindranagar gram panchayats of Berhampore community development block.
Singra has 12 Unions/Wards, 448 Mauzas/Mahallas, and 439 villages. Singra with an area of 528.46 km, is bounded by NANDIGRAM upazila on the north, GURUDASPUR upazila on the south, TARASH and SHERPUR (Bogra) upazilas on the east, NATORE SADAR, ATRAI and RANINAGAR upazilas on the west.
"Gurudaspur Upazila" area 199.40 km, located in between 24°18' and 24°27' north latitudes and in between 88°04' and 89°19' east longitudes. It is bounded by Singra and Tarash upazilas on the north, Baraigram upazila on the south, Tarash and Chatmohar upazilas on the east, Natore Sadar Upazila on the west. It has 32851 households.
Sukhjinder Group of Institutes is a privately owned college in Punjab, India, with branches in Gurudaspur and Dunera. The college offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs, including Polytechnic, Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Nursing and Teacher Training. The college has nearly 5,000 students and 100 faculty members.
Gumani River is a river in Bangladesh. It originates from the river Padma and meets with the Barani near Morkal Bazar. The joint flow of Gurnai and Baranai flows southeast as the Gurnai and meets with the Gur near Chanchkoir, Gurudaspur Upazila to the east of the Chalan Beel and flows as the Gumani. Flowing east of Bhangura the river again meets with the Baral and flows further as the Baral (Atrai-Baral).
Rural area under Berhampore block consists of 17 gram panchayats, viz. Bhakuri–I, Haridasmati, Niyallispara Goaljan, Rangamati Chandpara, Bhakuri–II, Hatinagar, Radharghat–II, Chhaighari, Madanpur, Radharghat–I, Satui Chaurigachha, Daulatabad, Manindranagar, Rajdharpara, Gurudaspur, Naodapanur and Sahajadpur. Urban area under this block consists of three census towns: Kasimbazar, Goaljan and Gora Bazar. Berhampore Town and Daulatabad police stations serve this block. Headquarters of this block is in Berhampore.
Chalan Beel is an extensive lowland area in the lower Atrai basin, and spreads across Singra and Gurudaspur upazilas on Natore District, Chatmohar, Bhangura and Faridpur upazilas of Pabna District, and Ullahpara, Raiganj and Tarash upazilas of Sirajganj District. It consists of a series of beels connected to one another by various channels to form a continuous water body during the rainy season. Although the beel area expands into a vast water body with dense aquatic vegetation as long as the Jamuna remains flooded during the monsoon months, it dries out in the winter months, leaving only patches of water in the central parts of this zone.
Baral (Borhal ) river is one of the offshoots of the Ganges, starts its journey at Charghat Upazila of Rajshahi District of Bangladesh. The Baral flows through Natore and Pabna meets with the Gumani River at the east of Bhangura and finally meets with the Hurasagar River after joining with the Karatoya south of Shahjadpur Upazila. The river is approximately long, and wide and deep on average. The river receives water from the Ganges only in the monsoon season. But it maintains its flow throughout the year with local runoff water and water from Chalan Beel. Its drainage area is about . Some important places located on the banks of the Baral are: Charghat, Baraigram, Bagatipara, Gurudaspur, Chatmohar, Bhangura and Bera upazilas of Bangladesh.
As per order of the Delimitation Commission in respect of the delimitation of constituencies in West Bengal, four gram panchayats under the Baharampur block, viz. Niyallispara Goaljan, Radharghat–I, Radharghat–II and Sahajadpur will be part of the Nabagram assembly constituency of West Bengal. The Satui Chaurigachha gram panchayat under the Baharampur block will be part of Kandi assembly constituency. The gram panchayats of Begunbari, Kapasdanga and Mirjapur–I under the Beldanga–I block along with the area under the Beldanga–II block will constitute the Rejinagar assembly constituency. Six gram panchayats under Beldanga–I block, viz. Bhabta–I, Bhabta–II, Debkundu, Mirjapur–II, Mahula–I and Sujapur–Kumarpur, along with the Beldanga municipality and five gram panchayats under the Baharampur block, viz. Bhakuri–II, Haridasmati, Naodapanur, Rajdharpara and Rangamati Chandpara, together will form the Beldanga assembly constituency. The Baharampur municipality along with five gram panchayats under the Baharampur block, viz. Bhakuri–I, Daulatabad, Gurudaspur, Hatinagar and Manindranagar, will form the Baharampur assembly constituency. The Hariharpara block along with two gram panchayats under the Baharampur block, viz. Chhaighari and Madanpur, will form the Hariharpara assembly constituency. The Naoda block along with four gram panchayats under the Beldanga–I block, viz. Chaitannapur–II, Mahula–II, Chaitannapur–I and Madda, will form the Naoda assembly constituency. Nabagram constituency will be reserved for Scheduled castes (SC) candidates. This constituency will be part of the Jangipur (Lok Sabha constituency). Kandi, Rejinagar, Beldanga, Baharampur and Naoda will be assembly segments of the Baharampur (Lok Sabha constituency). Hariharpara assembly constituency will be part of the Murshidabad (Lok Sabha constituency).