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haeng              neung              ryeon              gilkim              nung              saeng              pyung              hyong              deuk              gyeong              ssang              gwang              pyong              ryong              kyoung              hyang              soeng              poong              gyung              myeong              chhun              gyeom              yeop              kyong              khu              choon              youngoh              gwong              jeok              tiao              maeng              jyun              hwakim              tsun              shik              byong              nyeon              nyung              junghwa              jungkim              yut              seang              raeng              thae              kui              hyon              cheon              ryeol              heepark              khang             

Examples of "gwan"
2. Art&Physical Education Building (Seol Dong-geun-gwan (previous Yeji-gwan))
In 1893, Oei incorporated the Kian Gwan kongsi, which was renamed as Handel Maatschappiji Kian Gwan. The company traded in sugar and opium.
Famous restaurants in the city include Okryu-gwan and Ch'ongryugwan.
A Korean clan is a group of people that share the same paternal ancestor and is indicated by the combination of a "bon-gwan" and a family name (clan name). Subsequently, a "bon-gwan" is treated as though a part of a Korean person's name. The "bon-gwan" and the family name are inherited from a father to his children, thus ensuring that persons in the same paternal lineage share the same combination of the "bon-gwan" and the family name. A "bon-gwan" does not change by marriage or adoption.
The following day, a procession of Chinese workers ushers in the body of yet another dead comrade; Lai Gwan leads the procession. The workers blame Nichol for the death and he resolves to protect Lai Gwan. The labourers gather and discuss their longing for home, poor working conditions and possible murder of the white workers. Lai Gwan advises they protest peacefully by withholding their labour. Manli becomes aware of their protest and blames Lai Gwan, ordering she be hanged at once. However, Nichol defends her, addressing Manli by his first name. Lai Gwan realizes the bookman is her father and confesses.
It is possible for Korean nationals and Korean descendants to look up their own "bon-gwan". List of survived and newly created "bon-gwan" can be viewed in the following links:
Kian-Gwan Kongsi (Mandarin: 建源公司, "Jianyuan Gongsi", lit.: "Kian-Gwan Commercial") was a Chinese company in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), and the earliest multinational trading company in the Southeast Asia region.
During the reign of King Sukjong he was appointed "naesi" (내시 內侍, "secretary").). In 1108 he was appointed to Byeongmaban-gwan (병마판관, 兵馬判官) and entourage to General Yun Gwan.
The school contains a Main building, an Outbuilding, Cheong Un Gwan (청운관 : Dormitory), Cheong Myeong Gwan (청명관 : Dormitory), and a cafeteria. Because all buildings are connected by an arcade, movement between buildings is out of the rain.
Iron Road opens in 1880s Guangdong Province, China. Lai Gwan attends to her mother,
Seung Tau Gwan Deoi Chaak - Double-Headed Staff Two-Man Set (雙頭棍對拆)
Daan Tau Gwan Deoi Chaak - Single-Headed Staff Two-Man Set (單頭棍對拆)
Yoo Seung-Gwan, Ko Jeong-Woon, Baek Jong-Chul, Kim Yong-Se, Kim I-Ju,
Park Jong-Dae, Yoo Seung-Gwan, Ko Jeong-Woon, Park Sang-Rok
Lai Gwan is banished from work. In the morning, Manli finds his daughter and the two argue. Lai Gwan reveals her mother’s death and Manli becomes overwhelmed by guilt. Defeated, he heads toward the mountain with dynamite. Lai Gwan and Nichol meet, rushing to the tunnel where her father has gone, but they become trapped as an explosion that collapses the cave. As Nichol lays dying, they profess their love. Nichol dies; later, Manli is found alive.
On August 10, 2016 their song "Gwan" was a part of the soundtrack for Mr Robot Season 2 Episode 6.
Soyeon appeared in the drama "Haeundae Lovers" as Lee Gwan-soon. The drama aired on August 13, 2012.
Pak Song-Gwan (Chosŏn'gŭl: 박성광; Hanja:朴成光;born 14 August 1980) is a North Korean international football player.
On June 4, 2016, the single "Gwan Big Up Urself" was released digitally on the iTunes Store and Apple Music.
On October 27, 2015, The Suffers performed "Giver", "Midtown" & "Gwan" on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert for Bob Boilen