Synonyms for gwang or Related words with gwang

gyeong              myeong              kyong              yeong              kyoung              pyung              deuk              seon              hyang              byeong              seong              gyu              deok              shik              ryong              kwang              heon              hyeok              maeng              ryeol              hyong              hwakim              yeop              cheol              keun              ryeon              heepark              youngoh              kyeong              gwan              hyeong              gyun              jungkim              taek              ryul              hyon              hyeon              jeom              myong              byung              seol              cheon              pyong              byul              heelee              huikim              beom              woong              nyeo              byeon             

Examples of "gwang"
Bright cards (gwang): One way to accumulate points in Go-Stop is to collect Bright cards ("gwang"). When three "gwang" other than that of the month of December (referred to as "bi gwang", "bi" meaning “rain”) are collected, this is known as “Three Brights” ("sam gwang") and is worth three points. However, if the Three Brights include "bi gwang", this is called “Wet Three Brights” ("bi sam gwang"), and is worth two points. When four "gwang" are collected, this is called "Four Brights"("sa gwang") and is worth four points. It does not matter whether 'bi gwang' is included in "Four Brights" or not. When all five "gwang" are collected, this is called “Five Brights” ("o gwang") and is worth fifteen to fifty points depending on house rules.
When Romance Meets Destiny (; lit. "Gwang-sik's Younger Brother Gwang-tae") is a 2005 South Korean romantic comedy about two brothers and their different approaches to love.
1965.12.01 Dae-gwang elementary school establishment permission
Ricci also met a Korean emissary to China, Yi Su-gwang. He taught Yi Su-gwang the basic tenets of Catholicism and transmitted western knowledge to him, giving Yi Su-gwang several books from the west which were incorporated in "Jibong yuseol," which was the first Korean encyclopedia. Ricci's transmission of western knowledge to Yi Su-gwang influenced and helped shape the foundation of the Silhak movement in Korea.
Seo In-ae is determined to do whatever it takes to avenge her murdered mother. She also faces many trials and tribulations while upholding justice and the law in her profession, where she meets important government and military figures. Brothers Han Gwang-hoon and Han Gwang-cheol were her childhood friends. In-ae and Gwang-hoon loved each other, but their ambitions and conflict of interests marred their relationship. On the other hand, Gwang-cheol has always loved In-ae passionately.
Criticism HWANG Gwang-Soo Finding road, making road
A gangster boss who manages Do Gwang-woo's slush fund.
Won Gwang (541~630?), also known as Won Gwang Beop Sa (圓光法士) meaning "Won Gwang Teacher of the Law", was the name of a renowned Buddhist monk, scholar, and teacher of the Silla kingdom during the reign of King Jinpyeong.
Lee Gwang-hyuk (; born 11 September 1995) is a South Korean footballer who plays as winger for Pohang Steelers in K League Classic. His brother Lee Gwang-hoon is also a footballer.
Jang Gwang (born January 5, 1952) is a South Korean actor in film and television.
History and characteristics of Korean Swords by Park Je Gwang – Curator War Memorial of Korea
Gim Gwang-seok or Kim Kwang-sok () may also refer to:
Jeon Min-gwang was selected by Seoul E-Land in 2015 K League draft.
Kim was coached by Han Kyong-thae and at one time he coached Kwon Yong-gwang.
Kwang-hyun, also spelled Gwang-hyun, is a Korean male given name.
1995. 11. 10 Gim-gwang-jeong was appointed as the first principal. 14 classes were organized
Mun Se-gwang was born in Osaka on 26 December 1951, where many Zainichi Koreans resided.
Park Gwang-Min (; born 14 May 1982) is a South Korean football Midfielder.
Yun Il-gwang (born 1 April 1993) is a North Korean international football player.
Gwang-sik has a younger brother, Gwang-tae. Gwang-tae experiences none of the problems that plague his brother. For him, picking up women is almost an unconscious habit. Getting them into bed is a piece of cake. Disposing of them afterwards is no less simple, excepting the times when they track him down and throw rocks through his window. One day, however, he meets a woman named Kyung-jae who is just a little too smart, too attractive, and too mature for him to handle. Suddenly, he feels just as confused about relationships as his brother Gwang-sik.