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trwy              bywyd              diwrnod              hverr              duw              sydd              erbyn              einum              byw              lasset              atombomben              segja              fyrri              mewn              plentyn              impius              gweddi              gekk              baledi              llyw              sceal              oure              agrum              nula              honum              borinn              dowr              nefoedd              nume              dohte              crai              eftir              nusen              wyf              deyja              numele              hadde              twoje              engla              potius              llety              eptir              zey              eigi              eople              mulierem              srebra              ganeuon              qiell              dojde             

Examples of "gwir"
David Ian Rabey is a Professor of Drama and Theatre Studies at Aberystwyth University. He is also the Artistic Director of Lurking Truth (Gwir sy'n Llechu) Theatre Company for which he has written several plays including:
She studied at Aberystwyth University, graduating in English, and it was while she was here that she first came to prominence, in 1999, when as a student she won the Literature Medal at the Urdd National Eisteddfod at Lampeter. This success led to the publication of "Y Gwir Am Gelwydd" ("The Truth About Lies"), a collection of 12 poems and 5 short stories.
The naming of the cup for Prince William has caused considerable controversy in Wales. Many people called on the WRU to rename the trophy in honour of Welsh international rugby star Ray Gravell, who died on 31 October 2007. During a tribute to Gravell at the inaugural match the stadium announcer asked the crowd to remember Ray as 'gwir dywysog Cymru', a true prince of Wales. Gravell's funeral was attended by over 10,000 people, including Rhodri Morgan, First Minister of Wales. On-line petitions were launched. The matter was raised in the National Assembly for Wales by Helen Mary Jones AM backed by a number of other AMs including Bethan Jenkins. Amongst MPs, Labour MP Paul Flynn and Plaid's Adam Price MP called for the WRU to honour Ray Gravell as a patriotic Welshman rather than Prince William, regarded by many in Wales as an Englishman who openly supports the England rugby and football teams
The 18th century antiquary, Iolo Morganwg, inventor of the present-day rituals of the National Eisteddfod of Wales, kept a bookshop in the High Street, the location of which is now marked with a plaque inscribed with the words "Y Gwir yn erbyn y Byd" ("Truth against the world") in Roman and ogham script. It was just outside the town that he held the first meeting of the Gorsedd, an assembly of bards, in 1795. Cowbridge Grammar School was founded in 1608 and had close links with Jesus College, Oxford through its later benefactor, Dr Leoline Jenkins. Its famous pupils included the poet Alun Lewis and the actor Sir Anthony Hopkins. The old grammar school eventually merged with Cowbridge High School for Girls to become a comprehensive school, and the original buildings, having for some time lain derelict, have been converted into private accommodation.
Wright remained in Europe for almost a year and set up home first in Florence, Italy — where he lived with his eldest son Lloyd — and later in Fiesole, Italy where he lived with Mamah. During this time, Edwin Cheney granted Mamah a divorce, though Kitty still refused to grant one to her husband. After Wright returned to the United States in October 1910, he persuaded his mother to buy land for him in Spring Green, Wisconsin. The land, bought on April 10, 1911, was adjacent to land held by his mother's family, the Lloyd-Joneses. Wright began to build himself a new home, which he called Taliesin, by May 1911. The recurring theme of Taliesin also came from his mother's side: Taliesin in Welsh mythology was a poet, magician, and priest. The family motto was "Y Gwir yn Erbyn y Byd" which means "The Truth Against the World"; it was created by Iolo Morgannwg who also had a son called Taliesin, and the motto is still used today as the cry of the druids and chief bard of the Eisteddfod in Wales.
Many of his the letters and papers of Rev. John Williams ('Ab Ithel') and his family exist today in drafts or incomplete copy. His collection includes letters to his family 1832-1898; page-proofs of parts of Brut y Tywysogion; drafts in manuscript of several of Ab Ithel's printed works, including Y Gododdin, The Traditionary Annals of the Cymry, Druidism, Brut y Tywysogion, and Annales Cambriae; contributions to the Cambrian Journal; his address at the Conwy Eisteddfod, 1861; papers relating to his collation to the rectory of Llanymawddwy, 1849; 'The Church of England independent of the Church of Rome in all ages'; sermons in English and Welsh; 'A few plain and practical Observations on Anglican Education'; the prize essay on the question 'whether the British Druids offered human sacrifices' by 'Hu Gadarn'; an essay entitled 'Traethawd ar Ddarganfyddiad yr America Gan Madog ab Owain Gwynedd, yn nghylch y ddeuddegfed ganrif' by 'Columbus'; an essay 'On the state of Agriculture and the progress of Arts & Manufactures in Britain, during the period & under the influence of the Druidical System' by Rev. John Jones, Llanllyfni (see Archaeologia Cambrensis, Supplement 1850); 'Y Telynwr Cymreig, sef cyfarwyddiadau i ddysgu'r Delyn' by 'Dafydd Frenin'; four essays on 'Y manteision a ddeillia i'r Cymry o ddysgu yr iaith Seisnig' by 'Uthr Bendragon', 'Eiddil', 'Gwir Gymro', and 'Y cynyg cynta' 'rioed'; a 'History of Wales to the death of Llewelyn'; sections of a work on Christianity in Britain; letters addressed to Ab Ithel and also to his wife and daughters; press cuttings and extracts; sketches and medical and household recipes, and letters, 1884–1885, relating to the Ab Ithel Memorial Fund.