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myeong              yeong              kyong              pyung              kyoung              gwang              hyeok              pyong              gyu              ryong              hyeong              kyeong              hyong              deok              seon              shik              ryeon              taek              hwakim              deuk              heon              heepark              gyung              ryeol              hyang              byeong              seong              gyeom              yeop              beom              jinlee              jiwon              ryeong              jinkim              cheon              byul              jungkim              heelee              myong              gyun              poong              eunkim              youngoh              eung              hyon              byeon              nyeon              maeng              hyeon              byeok             

Examples of "gyeong"
The country's capital was Geumseong (modern-day Gyeongju), and sub-capitals were located at Geumgwan-gyeong (Gimhae), Namwon-gyeong, Seowon-gyeong (Cheongju), Jungwon-gyeong (Chungju), and Bugwon-gyeong (Wonju).
[2] Other(Gyeong-Bu and Jang-Hang Line(~Sinchang Station),Gyeong-in Line(~Incheon Station),Gyeong-Won Line(~Soyo-san(Mountain) Station)) : Korail
There are 2 campuses of Gyeong Hee graduate school and Gyeong bok college, 15 high schools, 29 middle schools, and 55 elementary schools.
Gyeong-Sook and Hyun-Joo eventually both marry again. Through a twist of fate, Gyeong-Sook becomes Hyun-Joo's daughter-in-law.
Yi had been in fear of an assassination attempt by Gyeong, thus he had placed guards everywhere in around his house. One day, he heard a pleasing rumor that Gyeong was killed. This rumor proved to be wrong though as in fact it had been Heo Seung, a close friend of Gyeong, who had died, not Gyeong himself. As a result of aware of it, Gyeong gave warning of Yi still more, Yi who was seized with fear, run away to Gyeongju on the pretext of illness.
Group D: Gyeong San, E.G. Jansen, Higashi Fukuoka, Nagasaki Kita
But, Two subway operating agencies, each operating segment regardless of the companies all the same operation, but a Seoul Metro trains, the maximum endpoint Gyeong-won Line the Uijeongbu Station, gyeong-in Line the Incheon Station, the Gyeong-bu Line the SeoDongTan station.
Gyeong Dae-seung died in August 1183. With the death of Gyeong, Yi Ui-bang's former lieutenant Yi Ui-min returned to Kaesong and took power over Goryeo, undoing Gyeong's legacy.
When Gyeong died by disease in 1183, King Myeongjong called Yi in to the Gaegyeong. Not believing the death of Gyeong, Yi refused the king's request several times, but finally came to the Gaegyeong after realizing Gyeong's death.
Yi Hae-gyeong (이해경, 李海瓊; born 1930) is the last princess of Korea.
Cho Gyeong-chul (, April 4, 1929 – March 6, 2010) was a South Korean astronomer.
General Gyeong Dae-seung was born to Gyeong Jin into the Cheongju Gyeong clan in the year 1154. At the time of his birth, the warrior-class of the nation was highly undermined and deprived of the luxuries that its civilian and scholar counterparts were able to see excessively. The young Gyeong began his military training at the age of 15, and served under the regimes of both Yi Ui-bang and Jeong Jung-bu. When his father died, he took charge of his household and began helping the poor, and made the decision of using the private army that his father had built.
Seo Gyeong-deok (1489–1546) was a Korean Neo-Confucianist philosopher during the Joseon Dynasty.
Sung Chan-gyeong (Hangul: 성찬경) was a modern South Korean poet.
Kim Yu-Gyeong (, born October 1, 1975) is a retired South Korean rhythmic gymnast.
Young-sim is a fourteen-year-old girl who has a round face, round eyes and a pony tail. Her boyfriend Wang Gyeong-tae follows her incessantly. He is considered ugly and stammers when he speaks, but he deeply loves Young-sim. Young-sim treats Gyeong-tae coldly. However, Young-sim displays considerable jealousy upon discovering Gyeong-tae was with another girl. Her mean best friend and her sister Sun-sim add humor to the story.
Actress Yang Mi-gyeong is featured in many of Lock & Lock television commercials.
Kim Gyeong-ae (), also spelled Kim Kyung-ae or Kim Kyeong-ae, may refer to:
Pool A: Gyeong Sang, St. Edmunds College, Onomichi High School, Higashi Fukuoka High School
Park Gyeong-ik was selected by Ulsan Hyundai in the 2012 K League draft.