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gynecological              gynecologic              urologic              adenomyosis              obstetric              gynaecologic              urological              endometriosis              fibroids              myomas              gynecology              hysteromyoma              oncological              obstetrical              prostatomegaly              menorrhagia              varicocele              mastopathy              gynecomastia              condylomas              endocrinological              premalignancies              rheumatological              obstetrics              dysmenorrhoea              proctological              leiomyomas              fibromyoma              infertility              malignoma              antigouts              malignacies              varicoceles              rheumatologic              epispadias              fibroadenomas              neoplasias              autoimune              precancerosis              gynaecology              leiomyoma              mittelschmerz              phimosis              prostatism              peronies              adnexitis              impotence              erythroplasia              goitre              myoma             

Examples of "gynaecological"
His main publications were "Outlines of Gynaecological Pathology and Morbid Anatomy" (1901) and a translation (with M. L. Trechmann) of Ernst Gottlob Orthmann's "Handbook of Gynaecological Anatomy" (1904)
The social media campaign was started by the Gynaecological Cancer Fund, after their research suggested that over a third of women were too embarrassed to go to the doctor with gynaecological concerns in the United Kingdom. The campaign was launched in 2015, to raise awareness and funds for the treatment of gynaecological cancer. It was launched in conjunction with Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month in September.
After the campaign's launch in 2015, the Gynaecological Cancer Fund carried out research to measure the impact of the cancer awareness campaign. They discovered that 81 percent of women exposed to the campaign were more aware of gynaecological health, while 59 percent were more aware of the symptoms of gynaecological cancers.
The British Gynaecological Cancer Society (BGCS) is a society of medical professionals who seek to improve the care provided to gynaecological cancer patients. The society describes its mission as being "to advance the science and art of gynaecological oncology for the benefit of the public."
gynaecological conditions (except possibly fertility and nausea/vomiting), acute hordeolum,
In 1869 Storer founded the Gynaecological Society of Boston, the first medical society devoted exclusively to gynecology, publish the first gynecology journal, the "Journal of the Gynaecological Society of Boston".
The Kahun Gynaecological Papyrus (also Petrie Medical Papyrus, Kahun Medical Papyrus, Lahun Medical Papyrus, or UC32057) is the oldest known medical text of any kind. Dated to 1800 BCE, it deals with women's health—gynaecological diseases, fertility, pregnancy, contraception, etc.
The European Network of Gynaecological Oncological Trial Groups (ENGOT), an integral part of ESGO, is active in coordinating and promoting clinical trials on patients suffering from gynaecological cancers all over Europe.
He was an honorary member of the American Association of Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and Abdominal Surgeons, the American Gynaecological Society, the South African Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, and the Athens Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society.
are available as well. There is a gynaecological consultation too but it
In the 1930s Dr Ratnayeke contributed articles on gynaecological issues to a number of international journals.
Provides investigative, treatment and emergency services for a whole range of obstetric and gynaecological conditions.
From 1921 he headed the Gynaecological team at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. He retired in 1927.
Lady Garden is a social media campaign by the Gynaecological Cancer Fund, based in the United Kingdom. The campaign is to promote screening, raise awareness and funding for the treatment of gynaecological cancers. Mika Simmons started the Gynaecological Cancer Fund before a number of well-known celebrities joined the cause. Simmons was then joined by Jenny Halpern Prince, Chloe Delevingne, Astrid Harbord, and Clare Beckwith and her sister, Tamara Beckwith.
Obstetric and gynaecological services - A birthing unit with nine delivery rooms, three home-like birthing rooms and 32 neonatal cots.
ESGO’s gynaecological oncology training and accreditation programmes have become recognized standards in a number of European countries.
The first 4 years of general obstetric and gynaecological training is known as the Integrated Training Program (ITP).
Jean Kittson is an avid supporter of multiple charities and is currently the Chair of the National Gynaecological Cancer Foundation.
The trust opened a unit dedicated to chemotherapy for gynaecological cancers at the Liverpool Women's Hospital, in February 2011.
Dr David Berry Hart FRSE FRCPE (12 October 1851 – 10 June 1920) was a Scottish gynaecological surgeon and academic.