Synonyms for gyu or Related words with gyu

beom              seok              woong              cheol              deok              yeong              hyung              shik              joong              chul              hwan              byung              hyeok              hyuk              taek              wook              hyeong              seong              seung              pyung              gyeong              kwang              myeong              kyung              heon              ryong              seol              seon              byul              ryeol              gyung              joon              kyu              baek              gwang              kyoung              geun              sook              joo              ryul              byeong              kyong              jae              hyeon              kyeong              nyeo              suk              hye              kyun              yeol             

Examples of "gyu"
On the way from his wife's grave, Captain Han Gyu-pil receives a text message from his daughter apologizing for what she said. Captain Han Gyu-pil pulls over his car to reply back to her, but a truck then hit's Han Gyu-pil's parked car. Captain Han Gyu-pil dies from the collision. Now, Han Da-jin is left alone with her sick younger baby sister. Co-pilot Yoon-sung leaves South Korea without knowing that Captain Han Gyu-pil died.
Jung-won wears a funny dragon suit, while working at the amusement park, and pours soda on Eun-gyu, because of his taunts. A short while later, Jung-won finds out that Eun-gyu has moved into the house next to hers. Eun-gyu now threatens to tell Jung-won’s parents that she works part-time at a local mart. To keep Eun-gyu quiet, Jung-won agrees to carry his guitar for a week.
The next day Chan Gyu (a boy in their class that is always fighting with Nan Woo), tells his friends he is going to confess his feelings to Nan Woo after classes end. Seung Ha overhears him, he follows Chan Gyu to the bathroom and after a rather impolite threat, he locks Chan Gyu in the bathroom and leaves to look for Nan Woo.
Park Min-gyu (born 1968) () is a South Korean writer.
Il-Ho company's section chief and Nam Gyu-man's right-hand man. He is obedient and loyal to Gyu-man and often had to be his punching bag. However, he does not agree with Gyu-man's extreme ways of handling issues.
Luc Besson, Edward Norton, Yoji Yamada, Kang Je-gyu
Fukushima-Gyu is the prefecture's signature beef. The Japanese Black type cattle used to make Fukushima-Gyu are fed, raised, and processed within the prefecture. Only beef with a grade of 2 or 3 can be labeled as "Fukushima-Gyu" (福島牛)
Mong-Gyu Chung served as chairman and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company from January 1996 to December 1998. Mong-Gyu Chung has managed Hyundai Development Company since his appointment to chairmanship in March 1999.
Lim Hyun-Gyu (born January 16, 1985), often anglicized to Hyun Gyu Lim, is a South Korean mixed martial artist, currently signed to fight in the UFC's Welterweight division.
Jin-woo's neighbour. She was asked to sing at Nam Gyu-man party and was raped there. Nam Gyu-man murdered her brutally after she scratched his face with a broken glass.
Ahn Young-Gyu is a South Korean football player who plays for Asan Mugunghwa.
Kyeon married actor Im Young-gyu in 1987, and they divorced in 1993.
Hwang Tong-gyu (born April 9, 1938) is a Korean poet and critic.
Chicago Gyu-Kaku has recently been awarded Diner's Choice Winner 2011.
Kang Je-gyu (born December 23, 1962) is a South Korean film director.
After getting into trouble at their seminary, seminarians Gyu-shik and Seon-dal are sent into the country for a month of service under the elderly Father Nam. Upon their arrival, Gyu-shik meets Father Nam's niece, Bong-hie, who has flown across from the United States to see her boyfriend. However, when her boyfriend ends their relationship, Bong-hie finds herself stranded at her uncle's church with nowhere else to go. At first she and Gyu-shik struggle to get along, but eventually they become attracted to one another, and Gyu-shik is forced to question his commitment to the priesthood.
Cho Min-gyu (born 8 August 1988) is a South Korean professional golfer.
On 23 January 2013, KFA elected Chung Mong-Gyu as the new chairman.
Kim Gyu-ri (born Kim Moon-sun on June 27, 1979), is a South Korean actress.
When Hee-joo is found to be suffering from vocal chord infection, Gyu-won is given the chance to replace her and go on stage. However, the kind-hearted Gyu-won chooses to let Hee-joo stand on stage instead, while she sings for her backstage. When the media found out that Gyu-won was the actual singer, she was offered a chance to go overseas to record an album. A new conflict occurs as Gyu-won is made to choose between her dreams and love.