Synonyms for gyung or Related words with gyung

pyung              hwakim              sookim              ryeol              hyeok              beom              hyong              pyong              heepark              heelee              ryul              deuk              sunkim              kyoung              seunghwan              jinlee              beomgyun              gyeong              ryong              youngoh              jinkim              kwang              myeong              deok              kyong              hwalee              byul              gyu              junkim              shik              youngkim              nyeo              kyungkim              kyeong              chulpark              jungkim              seop              eunkim              heon              kyoo              jihyun              okkim              yook              ryeon              younglee              wookim              kyunglee              woong              mankim              kikim             

Examples of "gyung"
Gyung-soo goes down to Choonchun City to meet an old friend who's a writer. They go out to the town and Gyung-soo's friend introduces him to a pretty and well-curved dancer named Myung-sook. After having a drink with Gyung-soo and his friend, she suddenly hits on Gyung-soo and on the spur of the moment they hit it off and go to a motel. But no one knew that Gyung-soo's writer friend liked Myung-soo even though he never revealed his true feelings for her. Gyung-soo's relationship with his friend turns sour as Myung-sook becomes obsessively infatuated with Gyung-soo.
- Busan, South of Gyung sang do - Song jung beach / Yang san si / Geoje island
- Daegu, North of Gyung sang do - Po hang si / Yung duk goon / Wool jin goon
Ahn Gyung-jun, the "sabunim" of Jeung San Do, explains some of the sounds of the mantra as follows:
Kyung-ok-ko (), also spelled, Gyung-ok-ko, is a traditional multi-herbal medicine used for health improvement.
Treasure Hunting () is a Manhwa series by Kang Gyung-Hyo. The series has sold more than 13 million copies worldwide.
She then meets Yoon Gyung-min, a 7-year-old orphaned boy who starts pestering her for no apparent reason. Gyung-min's parents died in a car accident, and he now lives with his uncaring grandmother. He is a troublemaker, emotionally distant from his peers, and possibly autistic.
Gyung-soo tries to put his bad memories of Choonchun behind him and gets on a train headed for Gyungjoo City. Sitting next to him on the train is a woman named Sun-young who entices him after recognizing his face. After she gets off the train, he chases after Sun-young and stops her, but she gives him mixed signals. Gyung-soo follows Sun-young to her house and on the next day he brews up enough courage to knock on her door. This time Gyung-soo becomes infatuated with love.
Na Gyung-che is the co-representative of Justice Party in South Korea. And he was a delegate of Labor Party in South Korea.
Recently discharged from the military, Jin-Woo (Yoo Ah-in) is a popular actor. Gyung-A (Lee Mi-yeon) is a screenwriter for television drama series. She doesn't want to ask Jin-Woo, but asks him anyway to perform in her next drama series. Jin-Woo turns down her offer. At a wedding, Jin-Woo sees Gyung-A's young child Bom. Jin-Woo wonders if he is the father.
Jung Yi-hyun is a genius, but she suffers from psychogenic amnesia and does not remember her husband and young daughter. Hong Gyung-doo is uneducated and poor, but he's a loving father to young Hae-deum, who's inherited her genius from her mother. Yi-hyun and Gyung-doo met just as both were on the brink of suicide, and they'd decided to choose life together. The drama is about Yi-hyun's journey to putting together the pieces of her lost memory with her husband's help, a man who seems completely unsuited for her.
Lee Ji-hwan (Cha Tae-hyun) receives photographs in the mail that reminds him of how he met two girls, Shim Soo-in (Son Ye-jin) and Kim Gyung-hee (Lee Eun-ju), one summer five years ago. He shares his memories with his friend Chul-hyun (Park Yong-woo). He recalls initially being in love with Soo-in, but she rejects him. Throughout the summer, the three remain friends. Ji-hwan and Gyung-hee develop feelings for each other but are reluctant to admit it. Ji-hwan recalls the complex relationship between the three to Chul-hyun.
A Dongguk University Police Administration professor, Kwak Dae-gyung said, “there are many foreign residents that have yet to adapt to Korean society and citizens lower in the economic strata in these areas, there’s trouble in terms of economic competition and a lengthy period of cultural assimilation that leads to people committing violent crimes out of frustration and the need for frequent police action.
Similarly in South Korea, Yim Soon-rye landed a box-office-hit with "Forever the Moment", while So Yong Kim got some attention for her film "In Between Days" and Lee Suk-Gyung made the women-themed and subtly feminist "The Day After".
When Ji-soo discovers that Gyung-min has untapped musical genius, she becomes determined to turn him into a renowned pianist like Vladimir Horowitz. She does this for her own selfish reasons, because if she gains the reputation of being a great piano teacher, that would lead to her school's success.
He is orphan and found stranded in a shore in California by Anachelli. Anachelli gave him Feline claws in order to help him survive from his illness and because she cannot teach him Southern Taek-gyung. He sees Anachelli as sister figure.
Imaginary Cat (Hangul 상상고양이 Revised Romanization: Sangsanggoyangi) is an 8-episode South Korean television drama starring Yoo Seung-ho that runs from November 24, 2015 - January 12, 2016. Directed by Lee Hyun Joo and the writer is Kim Gyung (original comic) under the network MBC every1
Choi married Yoon Tae-jun on 3 December 2011. Yoon is the eldest son of Park Sung-gyung, vice chairwoman of retail conglomerate E-Land Group; currently a businessman, Yoon was also a member of the short-lived '90s boy band Eagle Five.
Bo-ri (Kim Hwan-hee) lives with her grandfather (Oh Hyun-gyung). She helps him prepare for his audition, though he keeps forgetting the lyrics. But Bo-ri's mother arrives and wants to immigrate to Canada. So her grandfather is determined to join the contest to leave a lasting memory for his granddaughter.
After the merger, Na Gyung-che, leader of the Jinbo Plus, and Kim Se-kyun, leader of Preparatory Committee for the People's Party, were elevated to co-leadership role, while Sim Sang-jung remained as a standing party leader. Kim Se-kyun stepped down from the co-leadership in September 2016.