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Examples of "hachey"
Hachey was the bassist for Cirque du Soleil's "Viva Elvis" at the Aria Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. After that show's run ended, Hachey was cast as the bassist for the Las Vegas production of "Million Dollar Quartet" at Harrah's Las Vegas.
Hachey attended Cal State Fullerton and was accepted into their Department of Music as a Music Education major. He also joined Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a music fraternity.
He was born in Memramcook, New Brunswick, the son of Terence McManus, and was educated at Saint Joseph's College, Saint Dunstan's College, Saint Michael's College and the Grande Seminaire de la Montagne in Montreal. In 1876, he married Marie Hachey.
Michael Joseph "Mikey" Hachey (born January 29, 1985) is an American bassist, best known as a former member of the third-wave ska band, Suburban Legends. He joined the band in November 2004, replacing Chris Maurer on bass guitar, after his friend Derek Lee Rock (the drummer of Suburban Legends) offered him an audition to play bass for his "little ol' band" called Suburban Legends. Before Suburban Legends, Mike played bass in a band called Perilous, which also featured Ashley Hittesdorf (also known as Ashley Costello), vocalist from New Years Day, as a member. Hachey left Suburban Legends in 2010, and is a regular collaborator with artists such as Dallas Kruse and Justin Grennan and is the in-house bassist for ZionStudios in CA. Though no longer a member of the band, Hachey recorded bass on most of the tracks for Suburban Legends' 2012 album, "Day Job", and is credited as an additional musician on the album.
The EPD Tour was established by Canadian golf professional Wayne Hachey in 1997 and has been recognised as an official third level tour by the PGA European Tour since 2001. In 2005 the PGA of Germany took over the EPD Tour.
The album, based on the theme of 'Let's Be Friends', features the members representing styles of music on the cover, with Vincent Walker as a rapper, Brian Robertson as a robot, Luis Beza as a mariachi musician, Mike Hachey as a cowboy, Derek Lee Rock as a disco dancer, and Brian Klemm as a 1980s metal musician.
In 2009 the band had announced they were planning to release a full ska record once again, and in late 2010 the band released a seven-track EP as a preview, "Going on Tour EP". This was followed by the departure of bassist Mikey Hachey, even though he continues to collaborate with the band on some occasions. He was soon replaced by Brad Polidori.
Circa 2006, Justin met producer Dallas Kruse and the two collaborated and recorded Justin's debut album "Things I Should Have Said" in 2008. Since then, the two have formed "The Project", a five piece soul band which includes drummer Jorgen Ingmar, bassist Mikey Hachey, guitarist Justin Burrow, and Hammond Organist Dallas Kruse.
He left the band in late 2004 to get married to Rachel Lents and continue with his education and was replaced by Suburban Legends bassist Mike Hachey. However, Chris returned for a final performance with the band on November 29, 2005 at Huntington Beach High School for a benefit show for the Ryan Dallas Cook Memorial Fund.
Between 1993 and 1995, a lightwell that extended from the second to the fifth stories in the central portion of the building was filled to accommodate additional courtrooms. In 1995, artist Michael Hachey completed a mural to commemorate the case of Quock Walker, an African-American slave who successfully sued for his freedom in a 1783 case that was popularly believed to have abolished slavery in Massachusetts.
The group formed in 1996 at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Dan Ponce, Randy Stine, Charlie Mechling, Steve Morgan, Jerome Collins, Dave Roberts, Walter Chase, Mike Itkoff, and Patrick Hachey became Straight No Chaser. Their name was inspired by the title track of Thelonious Monk's 1967 album, "Straight, No Chaser", and is a conscious evocation of the popular American slang phrase often employed in requesting a drink.
In 2002, guitarist Neal MacLean and vocalist Corey Hachey (who had previously met years ago) unknowingly moved to the same city and found themselves looking to become part of the music scene. They eventually met up by chance and started the group right away, seeking out two more members. After many auditions, bassist Glen Farquhar and drummer Thom Cooke completed the foursome in May 2003 and Sproll started writing music and performing in local clubs.
Guitarist Brian Klemm joined the band in 1999 and has been with the band ever since. He can also be heard doing lead vocals in several of the band's songs, such as "Desperate", "Powerful Game", "This Cherry", "So Fine", "Love Fair", "I Just Can't Wait to be King" and "Girlfriend's Pretty". After the departure of Aaron Bertram, Klemm started providing more backing vocals live, and this increased even more after the departure of Mikey Hachey.
The group formed in 1996 at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Together the 10 students – Dan Ponce, Randy Stine, Charlie Mechling, Steve Morgan, Jerome Collins, Dave Roberts, Walter Chase, Mike Itkoff, Patrick Hachey, and Kevin Caroll, became "Straight No Chaser". Their name was inspired by the title track of Thelonious Monk's 1967 album, "Straight, No Chaser", and is a conscious evocation of the popular American slang phrase often employed in the requesting of a drink.
The Miramichi Opera House featured Romanesque Revival style structure and was built in 1903 by H.B. McDonald, according to the Canada's Historic Places website. In 1909, the Opera House became a 'moving pictures' theatre. Many decades later, the Opera House was turned into a successful nightclub by then owner, David Morris. Following the death of Mr. Morris, the Opera House, said to contain a great deal of entertainment and movie memorabilia was then purchased by Francoise Hachey.
"Mile After Mile" is a song written and composed in 1969 by Canadian singer-songwriter Gerry Joly. It was a 1971-72 hit single for Canadian country singer Orval Prophet. "Mile After Mile" debuted at number 49 on the "RPM" Country Tracks chart on September 25, 1971. It peaked at number 1 on January 8, 1972. Bobby Hachey covered "Mile After Mile" a few years later.
The band Sproll consists of lead vocalist Corey Hachey, guitarist Neal MacLean, bassist Glen Austin Farquhar, and drummer Thom Cooke. Their debut EP titled "Soft Science" was released in February 2006 and garnered a nominated for an East Coast Music Award in 2007 for NEWCAP Rock Recording of the Year. The songs "More Than You" and "Nobody's Fault" have been used on the television show Whistler. Tracks from the album were also featured on the 2007 East Coast Music compilation, and the 2007 Atlantic Film Festival compilation.
In January 2014, Bombardier Inc. cut 1,700 employees from Bombardier Aerospace to save costs due to a 19 percent drop in orders in 2013. In July the same year, Bombardier reorganized its corporate structure in response to its underperformance. President Guy Hachey retired and Bombardier Aerospace was split into three divisions: business aircraft; commercial aircraft and aerostructures; and engineering services. As part of the corporate overhaul, 1,800 jobs were cut. In its 2014-year end statement, Bombardier Aerospace reported that it had reduced the number of employees by 3,700 over the year; delivered 290 aircraft and had orders for 282 more; and also claimed "strong long-term potential".
In 2003, the band recorded and released their first actual album, "Rump Shaker", followed by a year of heavy touring. The band released their first live DVD in 2004 titled "Season One". At the end of the year trumpet player Vince Walker and bassist Chris Maurer left the band, the former to go to college and the latter to get married. While Maurer was replaced by Mikey Hachey, Walker wasn't replaced and the band continued with only one trumpet player. In May 2005, trumpet player Aaron Bertram left the band to get married as well, and was replaced by Luis Beza.
The police erected a simple line made from chains in an attempt to protect the shipment and keep the two groups apart. However, the union members breached the small police cordon. As the union members continued toward the stockpiled pulp wood, a number of the farmers stepped out from the concealment of a hut by the tracks and began shooting before the union members reached the chain. Eleven union members were shot: Fernand Drouin, and brothers Irenée and Joseph Fortier were killed; eight others were wounded: Harry Bernard, Ovila Bernard, Joseph Boily, Alex Hachey, Albert Martel, Joseph Mercier, Léo Ouimette and Daniel Tremblay.