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Verminous haemorrhagic dermatitis is a filariasis of cattle marked by a cutaneous haemorrhagic nodule. It is referred sometimes to as "summer wound" (German "Sommerwunden").
This disease is also known as Bangkok haemorrhagic disease.
The unit has also previously been used to treat a patient with Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever.
In 2007, two cases of the Ebola haemorrhagic fever were announced in the region.
Rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD), also known as rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD) or viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD), is a highly infectious and often fatal disease that affects wild and domestic rabbits of the species "Oryctolagus cuniculus". The infectious agent responsible for the disease is rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV), or rabbit calicivirus (RCV), genus "Lagovirus" of the family Caliciviridae. The virus infects only rabbits, and has been used in some countries to control rabbit populations.
Ivermectin is efficient for individual treatments of the illness. But surgical excision, although very haemorrhagic, is far more efficient.
On April 2006 Ariel Sharon was incapacitated by a severe haemorrhagic stroke and Ehud Olmert became Prime Minister.
1938 "The normal haemostatic mechanism and its failure in the haemorrhagic states". Thesis for Doctor of Medicine, University of London.
They cause symptoms ranging from short self-limiting fevers, such as pappataci fever, to encephalitis and fatal haemorrhagic fever.
Haemorrhagic septicaemia is one of the most economically important pasteurelloses. Haemorrhagic septicaemia in cattle and buffaloes was previously known to be associated with one of two serotypes of "P. multocida": Asian B:2 and African E:2 according to the Carter-Heddleston system, or 6:B and 6:E using the Namioka-Carter system.
Fox's sign is a clinical sign in which bruising is seen over the inguinal ligament. It occurs in patients with retroperitoneal bleeding, usually due to acute haemorrhagic pancreatitis.
Other diseases include acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis (A24 specifically), herpangina, and aseptic meningitis (both Coxsackie A and B viruses). Coxsackievirus A7 infrequently causes polio-like permanent paralysis.
The clinical hallmark is haemorrhagic bullae on the mucosa of the oronasopharynx. Haemorrhage from ruptured bullae, epistaxis or gastrointestinal bleeding is severe and may cause shock and death.
Din died on 2 April 2010, after suffering from haemorrhagic dengue fever. He was buried at the Taman Ehsan Muslim cemetery in Kepong.
A mammalian virus, the rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus has been introduced to Australia and to New Zealand to attempt to control the European rabbit populations there.
Haemorrhagic shock occurs in about 1-2% of trauma cases. Up to one-third of people admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) are in circulatory shock.
Parikh RP, Upadhyay KJ. Cullen's sign for acute haemorrhagic pancreatitis. Indian J Med Res [serial online] 2013 [cited 2013 Jul 4];137:1210
Hyperacute cases are found dead without previous symptoms. They die with a serous, foamy or haemorrhagic discharge coming out of the nose.
Kyasanur forest disease, also known as Monkey Disease is a rare endemic tick-borne viral haemorrhagic fever which was first noticed in Kyasanur village, near Sorab.
Essential thrombocytosis is sometimes described as a slowly progressive disorder with long asymptomatic periods punctuated by thrombotic or haemorrhagic events. However, well-documented medical regimens can reduce and control the number of platelets, which reduces the risk of these thrombotic or haemorrhagic events. The lifespan of a well controlled ET person is well within the expected range for a person of similar age but without ET.