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Examples of "haighlei"
The Haighlei Empire is described as being composed of Six Nations. All natural-born citizens of the Haighlei Empire have black skin – not brown, not painted, and not sunburned their complexion is actually, genuinely black, and they are taller than the Kaled’a’in to a very noticeable degree, and have finely sculpted features, but their facial features are described as being “not as hawklike” as those of the Kaled’a’in. High-ranking Haighlei officials tend toward clothing that is woven in incredibly detailed geometric patterns, and the Haighlei envoys’ garments are noted for being of warm colors – specifically, bright yellows, reds, and oranges. The envoys also differ from the sailors guiding the ship by which they arrive in that they are wearing robes which fasten high up on the side of the neck, with the opening running down the left side of the front, as opposed to down the middle. The robes of the envoys are noted as having high, stiff collars which matched the cylindrical hats they are wearing, and they are noted as wearing heavy, jeweled brooches that rest on their breasts and shoulders, with heavy, matching brooches centered in each hat. The hair of the Haighlei is described as tending to be as “tightly-curled as a sheep’s fleece, but so black that it swallowed up all the light.” No garment made in the Haighlei Empire sports fewer than at least three separate colors, that those colors tend to be harlequin-bright, and that they favor at least four kinds of fabric – silk, raime, the finest linen imaginable, and a sort of gauze woven from what is described as fluffy plant fiber. They favor fluttering robes, draped gowns, and billowing trousers.
Later, there are ships spotted by a gryphon, and Skandranon is contacted using the city's mind connection, Kechara. Kechara has been recruited by Judeth and is being used to communicate with the Silvers in White Gryphon. Some of the council members, Skandranon, Amberdrake, Judeth, and Tamsin, arrive on the dock and await the people to exit the ships. Amberdrake has identified the crewmen as members of the Haighlei, pronounced "highly", Nation, a nation of all black people. Three of the Haighlei crewmen exit the ship and claim that the land that White Gryphon is part of their country. Judeth makes a stand claiming that the gryphons flew from one part of the land to another and never saw any markers that showed that the land belonged to any other place. At this time, the crewmen finally notice Skandranon and decide that they need to contact their home city.
According to the map images of the Valdemar Companion, Acabarrin is one of the southernmost nations shown, but is ostensibly not one of the member nations of the Haighlei Empire, as it is not far enough to the south – the continent scrolls away off-map south to the southwest of Velvar. The capital city is Mirr, and the kingdom of Acabarrin is bordered to the northwest by Velvar, and to the north-northeast by the kingdom of Rodina. The kingdom has a somewhat broad, angular-seeming peninsula which juts out into the Bitter Sea but is completely encompassed by it, this is clear because the Bitter Sea is the name of the body of the water past the eastern and western coasts of the kingdom, which are seen even though the kingdom’s southern borders are not seen, for the kingdom extends too far south to remain on the map.