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Examples of "halprin"
Daria Halprin was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, the daughter of San Francisco-based landscape architect Lawrence Halprin and choreographer Anna Halprin (nee' Schuman), who, in the 1950s, was one of the Western pioneers of using dance as a healing art. Like her mother, Halprin studied dance, and in the mid 1960s, began acting in film.
Halprin was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, to Raymond Halprin, a department store manager, and Dorothy Halprin (nee Weiser), a homemaker. Halprin was a child actor and singer from the age of six, co-starring in a variety of performances both off-Broadway and in summer stock theater.
Halprin became a partner in Vesper Alley Records in 1996, a record label that was home to American singer-songwriter Vonda Shepard. Halprin financially supported the label's re-release of two of Shepard's albums, "It’s Good Eve" and "The Radical Light". In 1998, Shepard joined the cast of the television series, "Ally McBeal", and Sony 550 Music subsequently negotiated with Halprin, and partner Gail Gellman, regarding their financial interests in her music catalog. Both Halprin and Gellman sold their investments with Shepard.
Halprin's wife, accomplished avant-garde dancer Anna Halprin, is a long-time collaborator, with whom he explored the common areas between choreography and the way users move through a public space. They are the parents of Daria Halprin, an American psychologist, author, dancer, and actress, and of Rana Halprin, a photographer and activist for Romani and human rights.
Soon after moving to the Bay Area, Forti enrolled in classes at the Halprin-Lathrop School, co-founded by dancer/choreographer Anna Halprin. When Halprin founded the San Francisco Dancer's Workshop (formerly known as the Dancer's Workshop of Marin) in 1955, Forti followed her to continue studying Halprin's pioneering work in Dance Improvisation. Forti studied under Halprin from 1955 – 1959, during which time Forti contributed to early works by Halprin and performed these works around San Francisco, along with other members of the Dancer's Workshop, including A.A. Leath and John Graham. Through the Dancer's Workshop, Forti also taught children's and adult's dance workshops throughout Marin County.
Lawrence Halprin cites Gardens in the Modern Landscape as a revelation for him and his future career. From the book, the most enduring idea for Halprin being “A garden is a work of art, and it remains a vision for guidance as one tries to extend the garden’s benefits of rest, recreation, and aesethic pleasure to a wider public, in the larger landscape.” Walker 150 Moreover, Halprin wanted to study under Tunnard. For his graduate studies, he went to the GSD at Harvard and under Tunnard and other influential men, Halprin studied landscape architecture. Later, with Tunnard, Halprin produced an issue of Task magazine. Walker, Peter, and Melanie Simo.
RSVP cycles is a system of creative methodology for collaboration. It was developed by Lawrence Halprin. Lawrence Halprin presented the system in a 1969 book "The RSVP Cycles: Creative Processes in the Human Environment"
Robert David “Rob” Halprin (born January 13, 1958) is an American record producer, executive producer and an independent record label owner. Halprin launched VRP Music, an independent record company, in 2000.
On December 2, 2000, Douglass became Robyn Halprin when she married criminal defense attorney Rick Halprin who was known for the high-profile clients, including Chicago crime boss Joseph Lombardo, whom he represented.
Ridgeway's writing has been recognized by American Alpine Club with a Halprin Award for Best Writing.
Dance: Joanna Haigood, Anna Halprin, Rennie Harris, Bill T. Jones, Benjamin Millepied, and Shen Wei.
April Halprin Wayland (born 1954) is an American children's and young adult author, poet, and teacher.
In 1898 he, along with Alexander Halprin and Georg Marco, renewed "Wiener Schachzeitung".
Lawrence Halprin (July 1, 1916 – October 25, 2009) was an American landscape architect, designer and teacher.
Halprin opened his own office in 1949, becoming one of Church's professional heirs and competitors.
Lawrence Halprin planned the Cascade Plaza. It was a major urban renewal project covering and featuring a central skating rink.
Alexander Halprin (21 March 1868, Saint Petersburg – 20 May 1921, Vienna) was a Russian–Austrian chess master.
In 1944, Halprin was commissioned in the United States Navy as a Lieutenant (junior grade). He was assigned to the destroyer USS "Morris" in the Pacific which was struck by a kamikaze attack. After surviving the destruction of the Morris, Halprin was sent to San Francisco on leave. It was there he would stay following his discharge.
Architects and others featured in recent exhibitions include Barbara Kasten, Lina Bo Bardi, Jimenez Lai, Lawrence Halprin and Anna Halprin, Sylvia Lavin, Judy Ledgerwood, Peter Lang, Thomas Demand, Richard Pare, Stanley Tigerman, Jack Stauffacher, Nancy Holt, Anne Tyng, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Felipe Dulzaides, Cecil Balmond, Bjarke Ingels Group. Sou Fujimoto
Halprin became a partner in the Miami, Florida, independent record label Y&T Entertainment in 1999, the original home to American country music performer Raúl Malo and The Mavericks, along with American singer-songwriters, Mary Karlzen and Amanda Green. Halprin financially supported the label's re-release of Karlzen's "Yelling At Mary" album and CD, and Green's album and CD, "The Nineteen Hundreds."