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Examples of "halvard"
It is a story of love over the most banal situations between Halvard (Gad Elmaleh) and Pollux (Cécile de France). Halvard is completely in love with the beautiful Pollux. She is the woman of his life. Even when she disappears, Halvard doesn't get the idea of standing shoulder to shoulder out of his head. But the disappearance creates problems of its own.
Halvard or Hallvard is a Norwegian given name. Notable people with the name include:
Halvard Angaard (27 October 1898 – 10 June 1967) was a Norwegian sport shooter.
All music and lyrics by Tor Magne Glidje, John Robert Mjåland, and Ole Halvard Sveen.
Halvard Ingebrigtsen (born 23 September 1970) is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party.
Halvard Hanevold (born 3 December 1969) is a former Norwegian biathlete.
Halvard Magne Kausland (born 25 April 1945) is a Norwegian jazz guitarist and civil servant.
Industry in the street includes Conrad Langaard and St. Halvard Bryggeri.
Halvard Manthey Lange (16 September 1902 – 19 May 1970) was a Norwegian diplomat, politician and statesman.
Halvard Grude Forfang (24 December 1914 – 6 July 1987) was a Norwegian educator.
• “Raising White Men,” “Home Safety,” “I Think You Know,” “Narrow Rooms,” “Nephews.” Poems. "Halvard Johnson’s Truck", April 5, 2015.
Jeremy Halvard Prynne (born June 24, 1936) is a British poet closely associated with the British Poetry Revival.
The other runic inscription found in the stave church was written by one Halvard Grenske (possibly identical with Halvard Bratte), who had actually taken part in the Battle of Florvåg. His inscription is written in verses, cursing those who commit betrayal as well as promising the continued struggle of the enemies of Sverre.
True love, when it comes to 30-something translator Halvard Sanz, arrives suddenly and with a wild intensity. The incomparable Pollux walks into Halvard’s dreary life just as she is putting a brutal end to one amorous relationship. From that first meeting, Halvard knows that Pollux is his soul mate – but she disappears from his life just as suddenly as she entered it. Ditching his current girlfriend, Halvard drives himself into a mad frenzy as he tries to track Pollux down, so that he can share the rest of his life with her. Alas, could this be a wild goose chase...?
Kråkeslottet was a Norwegian reality TV series that aired on TV3 during the spring of 2002. The host was Halvard Haldorsen.
Halvor is a name of Norwegian origin. It is a contemporary form of Halvard (Hallvard). From Old Norse hallr (“flat stone”) and vorðr (“guardian”).
"BIL" won the Fastnet Race line honours in 1997 with skipper Ross Field, Matthew Humphries, Halvard Mabire and Michel Lefebvre, Jr..
She most recently played Hilde, opposite Ralph Fiennes' Halvard Solness, in Ibsen's play "The Master Builder" at the Old Vic theatre in London.
Halvard Buhaug & Henrik Urdal (2013) An urbanization bomb? Population growth and social disorder in cities, "Global Environmental Change" 23(1): 1–10.
In 1956, he obtained the Italian acceptance to the United Nations. In the same year Martino, along with Halvard Lange from Norway and Lester Pearson from Canada, became a "sage" of the NATO, promoting its involvement in civil areas.