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hadigny              moriville              osmery              saulchoy              houdemont              humbercamps              seraumont              troisvaux              guignemicourt              grandvillers              broussey              annouville              distroff              hannescamps              harprich              chainaz              coingt              fouencamps              pierrerue              sibiville              vittoncourt              remiencourt              cliponville              authieule              doudelainville              maurupt              raville              hamblain              obermorschwihr              ernemont              bellonne              fourg              hangviller              bretigney              lafat              vraincourt              neubois              blangermont              ranguevaux              hermaux              meigneux              maizery              limeyrat              grazac              guinkirchen              haselbourg              mosnac              ourouer              envronville              bernadets             

Examples of "hamelincourt"
Hamelincourt is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in the Hauts-de-France region of France.
On 21 March 1918 at Hamelincourt, France, when the situation was critical, Sergeant Mountain with a party of 10 men attacked an advance enemy patrol of about 200 strong with a Lewis gun, killing half of them. The sergeant then rallied his men in the face of overwhelming numbers of the main body of the enemy, to cover the retirement of the rest of the company – this party of one NCO and four men held at bay 600 of the enemy for half an hour. Sergeant Mountain later took command of the flank post of the battalion, holding on for 27 hours until finally surrounded.