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Examples of "hamsteria"
Upon the reign of King Roadrunner IV (2005), on 17 November the Community Hamsteria Constitution was written adding but not replacing Royal House, a new institution to Hamsteria; the Government of Hamsteria.
Note: all Governors are automatically rewarded Order of the Free as representatives of Free Hamsteria.
The Hamsteria Community consists of the Royal House Branch (Royal Family), and the Government of Hamsteria Branch (Government), both governing the community with an equal share of power; NEITHER can be abolished with out total agree of the Community and both branches.
The Royal Family of the Royal House of Hamsteria was born in December 1999 in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other realms.
" 'For the Hamsters, God and the Law shall the Hamsteria Government be formed, with the KING and the GOVERNOR sharing equal right of power of law' "
GOVERNMENT ORDERS (GOVERNMENT of HAMSTERIA) Introduced with new government in 2005, can only be awarded by the Governor and titles are not apart of the Royal Orders)
The New Government of Hamsteria currently governed by HM King Roadrunner IV, was introduced to take absolute power from the monarch and share it half way, this giving the Hamsteria Community of Hamsters greater freedom and rights in the community, all hamsters members of the community before this was awarder titles by the monarch only and obeyed monarch-made laws. Mike Carter is their leader
The Royal House of Hamsteria is an institution created in 1999 to recognise hamsters. All hamsters are related and this particular family is a symbol of Hamsters worldwide.
Pfafflar is otherwise known as Hamsteria, or The Kingdom of Hamsters. It is only inhabited by hamsters who have come to a level of understanding same as humans. They have set up an entire royalty.
The title service, gives Hamsters who have reigned along time, done good deeds etc. a title to their name under the Community of Hamsteria, this applies to ALL members of the Community.