Synonyms for handcrafted or Related words with handcrafted

handmade              handcraft              marquetry              chinaware              beadwork              craftwork              handwoven              readymade              embroideries              japanned              handicraft              craftsmanship              decoupage              handcrafting              lacquerware              silverwork              weavings              brassware              woodcarving              dinnerware              metalware              crafted              paperweights              handicrafts              leatherwork              majolica              artisanal              glasswork              furnitures              millwork              artware              holloware              khokhloma              maiolica              silversmithing              handcrafts              crafting              jewelery              rebozos              metalwork              hollowware              bespoke              handpainted              bentwood              giftware              basketry              tinware              tapestries              faience              sculptural             

Examples of "handcrafted"
The design includes handcrafted jewels by AWMouzannar.
Speranski Australia is a brand of handcrafted mandolins.
The prints give the impression of a handcrafted book.
The parlour also contains several attributes including "very large double bay windows, dentil mouldings, pocket doors, roundels, stained glass windows, four fireplaces, large handcrafted mouldings throughout and a handcrafted staircase."
Khussa is a style of South Asian handcrafted footwear produced in Punjab Pakistan.
Today it contains stalls selling handcrafted jewelry, T-shirts, spices etc.
Artesanías (handcrafted products) are sold in several roadside shop in the city.
Luigi Borgato (Gallarate, * February 21, 1963) is an Italian piano-maker of handcrafted concert-grand pianos.
Away from Scientology, Jenna blogs about her day to day family life and sells handcrafted items.
In 2014, Starbucks began producing their own line of "handcrafted" sodas, dubbed "Fizzio".
A carousel is available on which visitors can ride handcrafted recreations of wild animals.
The Moomba Monarch crowns for 2010 and 2011 were handcrafted by Paris Kyne Master Milliner.
Comitti of London is a British company which designs and manufactures handcrafted timepieces.
Other handcrafted items include earrings made in gold filigree, hammocks in Berriozabal, and sombreros in San Juan Chamula and Ocosingo.
Decorative glass mirrors are usually handcrafted. A variety of shades, shapes and glass thickness are often available.
White's Boots is a Spokane, Washington based boot making company that specializes in making handcrafted leather work boots.
From the highway, you can see greenhouses, plant and flower stores, handcrafted rustic furniture stores, and local restaurants.
"Examples of Arabic calligraphy handcrafted onto the outer and inner sides of the Mosque before and after restoration."
He worked as a painter, graphic designer, sculptor, developed models for futuristic architecture, designed clothes, furniture and handcrafted jewelry.
The economy was based on the barter or exchange of agriculture and handcrafted goods such as multicolored textiles.