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handcrafted              papier              quilts              homemade              handwoven              handicraft              chinaware              mache              readymade              jewellery              embroideries              decoupage              dinnerware              flatware              handicrafts              chintz              marquetry              leatherwork              quilting              stoneware              craftwork              decorating              rugs              quilt              paperweights              tinware              woolen              houseware              metalware              hollowware              stationeries              cardstock              leathers              tableware              handcraft              needlework              figurines              pottery              cowhide              japanned              cardboards              cutlery              burlap              lacquerware              matchbooks              doilies              antique              bentwood              vintage              batik             

Examples of "handmade"
"Handmade" is a three-episode part of the series, and focuses on the production of three objects—"Handmade: Glass" documents the blowing and shaping of glass to create a jug, "Handmade: Metal" shows a bladesmith using a forge to make a knife, and "Handmade: Wood" sees a whittler create a wooden chair.
"Mela" manufactured handmade ceramic tableware under the brand "Kent Handmade", which she initially glazed and fired in the Kent’s garage in Inglewood.
Diamond Crown is a super premium brand of handmade cigar handmade by Tabacalera A. Fuente in the Dominican Republic for the J.C. Newman Cigar Company.
In 1994, the company was acquired by the Canadian company Paragon Entertainment, which restarted production under the HandMade name. The company's most notable release of that era was "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" (1998). In 1999 Patrick Meehan and Cartier Investments acquired HandMade from Paragon. In June 2006 the Equator Group plc acquired Handmade Holdings Limited, and in November of that year Sequence Film Limited (a film sales, marketing and financial packaging company) was also acquired. It was subsequently renamed Handmade Films International. The parent company, now known as HandMade plc, is currently publicly traded under the symbol HMF.
DR Handmade Strings is a manufacturer of guitar and bass strings located in Emerson, New Jersey. DR Handmade Strings was founded in 1989 by Mark Dronge, son of Guild Guitars founder Alfred Dronge, and Dr. Benzion Rapoport. DR is an all American family owned business that is known for its hand craftsmanship and referred to in advertisements as "The Handmade String".
In 1999, Rhino started the 'Rhino Handmade' division of limited-edition releases available primarily from their website. All Handmade deluxe editions were limited to about 3,000 copies or less, and once sold out were not re-pressed. (Since Rhino revamped its website in early 2013, the Handmade division appears to have been discontinued.)
The oldest handmade jewelry trademark is in Florence, Italy.
Status Graphite basses are handmade in England by Rob Green.
He has created tone arms and handmade audiophile tonearms.
The film was produced by George Harrison's company Handmade Films.
carpet. The Mirzapur-Bhadohi region is the largest handmade carpet
With the introduction of paper craft imports from Tibet in the 1930s, the production of handmade lokta paper began to decline. By the 1960s competition from commercially mass-produced paper from India placed the Nepalese handmade paper industry in a state of terminal decline with only a few families in Baglung and neighboring Parbat District retaining the traditional knowledge of handmade lokta paper production.
The brand was founded by Leanne in 2015, the website also opened in 2015. Lewis Leigh made high quality handmade glitter bows, as the brand expanded they started selling Ribbon bows, pleather bows and hair clips. They quickly became the main brand for handmade hair accessories. The Brand is now seen as a designer handmade accessories brand.
There are many factories of Handmade paper.. and powerloom..
2003 Rhino Handmade Limited Edition CD Release (5000 copies)
company would bicycle through the neighbourhoods selling handmade detergent
"Unfinished Art EP" (2007) - Limited edition handmade version of her "Unfinished Art" EP consisted of an original blind contour painting by Rubarth pressed onto a hanging handmade canvas with the album and liner notes inserted in the back.
In April 2016, Raisa performed a concert "Handmade Showcase" which was held on Ciputra Artpreneur. She is currently preparing to perform in tours in major Indonesian cities: "Handmade Tour" which will begun on August until September.
The name is taken due to handmade costumes (woolen fabrics, handmade costumes), which were made in the region that made the cloaks and the sails for sailing ships of the era.
In 2008, Thingumajig Theatre joined forces with HEADS, a Hebden Bridge participatory arts organisation, and produced the Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade, a vivid, non-commercial community-generated parade. This event is now produced by Handmade Parade CIC.