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Examples of "hannusch"
Guitar Slim, Jr., has worked for many years on the New Orleans blues club circuit, and his repertoire became more reliant on his father's material. His debut album, recorded in 1988, "Story of My Life", was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album in 1989. New Orleans music historian Jeff Hannusch stated in the sleeve notes for that album that Slim, Jr., "has been a fixture on the black New Orleans club circuit for the better part of 20 years...[but] doesn't get to play the posher uptown clubs."
The Very Best of Me is a collection of material that Jean Knight recorded for Aim Records in 1994, which includes rerecordings of her biggest hits "Mr. Big Stuff" and "My Toot Toot" and covers of "Make Me Yours" and "Trapped by Love." It was produced by Knight and her long-time collaborators Isaac Bolden and Carl Marshall. This album also includes the original version of her 1981 hit "You Got the Papers but I Got the Man." The inside album cover includes a personal message from Knight that includes her thanks and a short biography of her life and career that was written by Jeff Hannusch.