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Examples of "hansruedi"
Hansruedi Bruder (born 2 June 1937) is a retired Swiss sprinter who specialized in the 400 metres.
Hansruedi Führer (born 24 December 1937) is a Swiss football defender who played for Switzerland in the 1966 FIFA World Cup. He also played for BSC Young Boys and Grasshopper Club Zürich.
He was born in Bern. He finished sixth in the 4 × 400 metres relay at the 1960 Olympic Games with the team René Weber, Hansruedi Bruder and Christian Wägli. His personal best time was 46.6 seconds (1961).
"Lady, Let's Dance" stars ice skater Belita as herself, James Ellison, and Walter Catlett. Appearances also include ice skating artists Myrtle Godfrey and the renowned comedy ice team Werner Groebli & Hansruedi (Hans) Mauch (more commonly known as Frick and Frack).
Hansruedi Widmer (born 4 April 1944) is a retired speed skater from Switzerland. He competed at the 1968 Winter Olympics in the 500 m and 1500 m events and finished beyond the 40th position.
"Love to the Circle of Cynics. to Jean-Daniel und Hansruedi in Zürich, to Freddie in London, to John and Prisca and the Huemoz folks, to Mita Perefit and Sandra, to the Russell Hall Stairwell Dreamers and to my folks. Additional Thanks to Bill Deaton."
Burki began his career with FC Zurich. Burki caught the attention of numerous clubs, eventually signing for FC Bayern Munich. However, the move was not successful, and was subsequently criticised by Swiss Football Association Technical Director Hansruedi Hasler claiming that "The examples of Philippe Senderos and Sandro Burki, who were both U17 European champions, show how important the choice of team is."
Between 1952 and 1955 and again during the season 1958–59 Bader was trainer of the Basel team. Basel won their first league title in 1953, with club legend Bader as player-manager. Basel ended the season three points ahead of BSC Young Boys. The team line up under Manager Bader that year was Werner Schley, Walter Müller, Walter Bannwart, Walter Bielser, Werner Bopp, Hansruedi Fitze, Hans Hügi, Josef "Sepp" Hügi, René Bader, Kurt Maurer, Georges Mogoy, Peter Redolfi, Kurt Thalmann, Hans Weber.
In spring 2015 Frosti Sigurjónsson was commissioned by the former Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, to find out why the financial crisis of 2008-2011 hit Iceland particularly hard. In his study Frosti concludes that the main problem lies in the creation of money on the deposit money banks. Frosti advocates monetary control by the state. This corresponds to the objectives pursued and the Association for Monetary modernization of the Swiss Hansruedi Weber.
"Thanks to Terry Laughlin for use of his studio and home, to Peter, Jon and Tom for dropping by, to Jean-Daniel and Hansruedi for Birchermuesli. Love to Larry and the Circle of Cynics, to John & Prisca & Ann and the Huemoz folks for encouragement, to Chuck for darkroom work and being Perefit, to the Russell Hall Stairwell Dreamers, and to Corliss Lamont wherever you are."
He was born in Zürich and represented the club LC Zürich. At the 1958 European Championships he reached the semi-final in the 400 metres, and competed in the 4 × 100 metres relay with Emil Weber, Erwin Müller and Hans Wehrli. At the 1960 Olympic Games he competed at the 400 metres without reaching the final, and finished sixth in the 4 × 400 metres relay with the team Hansruedi Bruder, Ernst Zaugg and Christian Wägli.
Frick and Frack were two Swiss skaters who came to the United States in 1937 and joined the original Ice Follies show as comedy ice skaters. "Frick" was Werner Groebli (April 21, 1915 – April 14, 2008), born in Basel. "Frack" was Hansruedi (Hans Rudolf) Mauch, (May 2, 1919 – June 4, 1979), also born in Basel. Frick and Frack were known for skating in Alpine "Lederhosen" and performing eccentric tricks on ice, including the "cantilever spread-eagle", created by Groebli, and Mauch's "rubber legs", twisting and bending his legs while skating in a spread eagle position. Only a few skaters have successfully performed the duo's routines since.
Jürg Marmet (September 14, 1927 – March 8, 2013) was a Swiss mountaineer. Marmet was part of the first two-man Swiss team which climbed Mount Everest in 1956. (Prior to this, only Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay had successfully climbed the mountain in 1953). Marmet and his climbing partner, Ernst Schmied, became the third and fourth people (and the second two-man team) to reach Mount Everest's summit on May 23, 1956. He was also one of the first Swiss citizens to climb to the top of Mount Everest. Marmet and Schmied narrowly beat the next Swiss team to the top: The next day, the next two-man Swiss expedition of Hansruedi von Gunten and Dölf Reist reached the top of the mountain on May 24, 1956. Marmet and Schmied were also the first Swiss to ascend Lhotse in 1956.
The DOJ charged Bagios with engaging in a conspiracy with Gadola, Martin Lack and Hansruedi Schumacher (arrested in 2009) of abetting tax evasion by American citizens. He was accused of helping 150 of his American customers conceal up to $500 million in assets from the IRS while a UBS employee. On 6 November 2012, Bagios pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy involving defrauding the federal government in excess of $1.08 million while an employee at UBS from 1993 to 2009. After UBS informed its American customers they had to terminate undeclared accounts in 2009, Bagios informed a client that he might be able to transfer undeclared assets to a smaller regional Swiss bank.
FC Basel was started by an advertisement on 12 November 1893 that appeared in the Basler national newspaper requesting that a football team be formed and that anyone that wished to join should meet up the following Wednesday at 8:15. So, on 15 November 1893, FC Basel was born in the city of Basel. One of the early club captains was Joan Gamper, who later founded FC Barcelona in Spain. FC Basel did not have much of an early footballing success; it took them 40 years to win their first trophy, winning the Swiss Cup in 1933 when they defeated arch-rivals and reigning cup-holders Grasshopper Club Zürich 4–3, in what is now considered to be one of the best cup finals in Swiss football history. They won the cup again in 1947 when they beat Lausanne Sports, who had also been runners-up the previous year, 3–0 in the final at the Stadion Neufeld in Bern. Paul Stöcklin scored two goals and René Bader scored the other one. Basel won their first league title in 1953, with club legend Bader then as player-manager. Basel ended the season three points ahead of BSC Young Boys. The team line up under Manager Bader that year was Werner Schley, Walter Müller, Walter Bannwart, Walter Bielser, Werner Bopp, Hansruedi Fitze, Hans Hügi, Josef "Sepp" Hügi, René Bader, Kurt Maurer, Georges Mogoy, Peter Redolfi, Kurt Thalmann and Hans Weber.
The cover art included a mosaic of a photo of Heard. The photo was cut up into tiny squares. The sections were then sent to friends, musicians and onlookers to paint or scribble on. The pieces were brought back together and reassembled in a computer for the final album cover. The cover artists were Tim Alderson, Bill Batstone, Christian Benz, T-Bone Burnett, Tim Chandler, Nancy Clark, Dave de Coup-Crank, Terry Currin, Vernettie Currin, Alex Disch, David Edwards, Rowena Emmett-Stelmach, Maria Finch Chandler, Margrit Geissler, Peter Geissler, Hansruedi Graf, Heard's wife Janet, Heard's parents Jean and John Heard, Mark Heard, Susan Heard, actor Jerry Houser, Tom Howard, Tonio K., Barry Miller Kaye, Martin Kurz, L'Abri volunteers, Christa Laderach, Peter Laderach, Angy von Lerber, Jean Daniel von Lerber, Ed McTaggart, John Mehler, Lynda Mehler, Sye and Ina Mitchell, Leslie Phillips, Gian Sandri, Prisca Sandri, Edith Schaeffer, David Stelmach, Randy Stonehill, Terry Scott Taylor, Pam Terry, Pat Terry, Christie Tickner, David Tickner, Ray and Sue Ware.