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Examples of "hapner"
"They have joined forces to overthrow Floriano. By sea, Custódio de Melo was responsible for striking Paranaguá, which happened in January 1894" says the judge and scholar Paul Hapner. By land, Gumercindo Saraiva advanced toward the capital of Paraná.
After taking Paranaguá, Tijucas do Sul and Lapa, and with the absence of govern and military forces in Paraná, the rebels easily entered Curitiba. According to scholar Paul Hapner, evacuation of loyalist troops caused chaos in the city. Gumercindo Saraiva and Custódio de Melo had no obstacle. They appointed a governor - Colonel Theophilus Gomes Soares, who remained in power for only 4 days. "Then they gathered in a mansion that existed in the Alto da Glória and appointed another governor, João Menezes Doria, who remained until March" reports Hapner.
Despite the defeat, the battle in Lapa was critical for the Republican victory. Hapner considers the siege to have been a strategic error of the maragatos: "If they wanted to go to Rio de Janeiro, they should not have wasted time in Lapa. This gave Floriano's army enough time to organize, utlimately defeating the Federalists", he says.
The state was chaos. With the advance of the rebels, the state governor, Vicente Machado, fled from Curitiba. With only 639 men, few weapons and food shortages, Colonel Carneiro had a mission to contain the Federalists in Lapa. During 26 days, Carneiro and his army, called woodpeckers (), bravely resisted the attacks of 3000 fighters commanded by Gumercindo Saraiva. "The troops of maragatos made a real siege to the city," says Hapner.
The Masters Cup is as important to the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) tour as the Masters Tournament is to the PGA, though far less well-known to the general public. Each year, one player is selected to receive the "Steady" Ed Memorial Trophy, a lifetime achievement award dedicated to the spirit of disc golf immortal "Steady" Ed Headrick. The 2008 winner of the memorial trophy was Marty Hapner , 2004 inductee to the PDGA hall of fame and longtime supporter of DeLaveaga disc golf club, the PDGA,and disc golf in general.
Aside from the $17 million Cooley Lab renovation and the $20 million Jabs Hall, another $49.6 million in construction projects were under way on the MSU campus as of July 2012. This included a multi-million project to replace roofs throughout the campus which were damaged during a severe 2010 hailstorm, a $3 million renovation of two residence halls (Hapner Hall and Langford Hall), constructio of the new 70-bed North Hedges Suite 3 residential cottages, expansion of the Writing enter in Wilson Hall, and a project to improve energy efficiency in all dormitories, Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center, and the Strand Union Building.
President Cruzado has made improvements to student facilities a priority. In 2011, she led the university to secure $15 million in bonding authority for upgrading student residence halls. During the summer of 2011, more than $3 million was spent on the Langford and Hapner residence hall rooms to make them more modern and appealing to students, and Miller Dining Hall—the largest on campus—had a $400,000 seating upgrade. President Cruzado made sure students were involved in all phases of the design process. Funds dedicated for current projects include $1.5 million to modernize classrooms, $1.5 million to improve accessibility and $9 million in energy conservation projects, which will upgrade all residence halls and other auxiliary facilities. In 2012, there will be a $6 million renovation of public spaces in Langford and Hapner residence halls during the summer, a $300,000 seating upgrade in Harrison Dining Hall. In addition, work is underway for a $7 million third Hedges Suite building, which will increase housing capacity beginning in the fall of 2013.
Throughout the 1950s, Renne worked to rapidly expand the college's physical plant. During his presidency, 18 major buildings were constructed on campus — more than double the number that had been built between 1893 and 1944, and almost as many as were built between 1966 and 2013. These included the 1949 Library Building (now Renne Library), the campus' first dedicated library (it had previously been housed in a few rooms on the second floor of Montana Hall), and the 1958 Brick Breeden Fieldhouse (which supplemented the aging, outdated Romney Gym). The construction program included a chapel (Danforth Chapel in 1950), five large classroom buildings (McCall Hall in 1952, A.J.M. Johnson Hall in 1954, Reid Hall in 1959, Cooley Laboratory in 1960, and Gaines Hall in 1961), and seven residential and dining halls (Hannon Hall in 1954; Johnstone Hall in 1955; Culbertson Hall, Harrison Dining Hall, Mullan Hall, and Langford Hall in 1955; and Hapner Hall in 1959). Begun under his presidency but completed the year after he left were three more residential and dining halls (North Hedges, South Hedges, and Miller Dining Hall).