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feuerschwanz              aegisth              gvidon              sobinin              amelfa              haemon              aristomenes              allilujia              thyrio              bumerli              klytaemnestra              koitina              dosifey              binasy              garudasana              clytaemnestra              pontike              erathaol              mutanus              leinth              allazim              pannochka              narraboth              tsarskiy              nautae              waenre              albinovanus              yaromir              humil              parasya              haleb              muzh              gladdener              uiriaskum              oronte              achilla              polyboea              ioulios              spoletta              eduige              tuticanus              mezukenos              pampatut              achaz              smites              bakkhai              phlias              elecha              hatina              seispes             

Examples of "harapha"
The Philistine Harapha comes to insult Samson, who challenges him to a duel. Harapha, however, reviles Samson, claiming it is beneath his dignity to fight with a blind man. Samson mocks him as a braggart. Micah proposes to measure the power of Dagon against that of the god of the Israelites. The Israelite and Philistine choruses both praise their God.
Harapha arrives to take Samson to the feast of the Philistines and show him off there. Samson at first refuses to be present at the worship of Dagon, but then thinks of a plan and agrees to go to the festival, though he warns the Israelites to stay away from it.
He was a close friend of Johannes Brahms, whom he met in May 1874 at the Lower Rhenish Music Festival in Cologne, where Henschel sang the role of Harapha in Handel's oratorio "Samson". The friendship lasted until Brahms's death; Henschel reports in his memoirs that he arrived in Vienna only hours too late to see Brahms before his passing, and that their last meeting had been at a restaurant in Leipzig in 1896, where they were joined by Edvard Grieg and Arthur Nikisch.
Flagello possessed a dark and very rich voice with a remarkable upper register extending to high A. He left an impressive discography which includes "Così fan tutte", opposite Leontyne Price, Tatiana Troyanos, George Shirley, Sherrill Milnes, under Erich Leinsdorf, "Lucrezia Borgia", opposite Montserrat Caballé, Alfredo Kraus, Shirley Verrett, "Lucia di Lammermoor" and "Luisa Miller", both opposite Anna Moffo and Carlo Bergonzi, "Rigoletto", opposite Robert Merrill and under Georg Solti, "Ernani", "Ballo in maschera", "Forza del destino", all opposite Leontyne Price. He also recorded Handel's "Alcina" and Bellini's "I Puritani", both opposite Joan Sutherland. He also interpreted the role of Harapha in the famous Archiv recording of Handel's oratorio "Samson" (1968).