Synonyms for harsnaqar or Related words with harsnaqar

sandvatn              tadwadi              stokkavatnet              apenta              leuraensis              gyvatn              hovatn              shinnel              raudteejaama              temeni              zouzouli              puula              tikvara              spermezeu              egerberk              siviano              longerakvatnet              aliafzali              howellia              shadervan              nabeghlavi              casargo              dedat              kfarhazir              aursund              nalganga              amorgianoi              gharjane              kvifjorden              badgworthy              kainun              deumai              makryotika              austdalsvatnet              champavathi              nengeta              angulema              chamili              vatnvatnet              wyndley              bukavac              tigman              zeribar              mururaju              petrilaca              miedwie              lekhgaun              lapinigan              shamaldysai              melomakarono             

Examples of "harsnaqar"
The Harsnaqar Hotel Complex, the Best Western Bohemian Resort, the Akhtamar Sevan Hotel and the Lavanda City cottages are among the leading resorts of the town.
During the last decade, many new hotels and spa resorts were opened along the coast of Lake Sevan, including the Harsnaqar Hotel and Water Park, the Best Western Bohemian Resort Sevan, the Akhtamar Sevan Hotel, the Tufenkian Avan Marag Hotel of Tsapatagh, the Blue Sevan Rest-house near Tsovagyugh, the Maria Resort Sevan and the Lavanda City cottages.
Lake Sevan has the only beaches in Armenia. They are a popular destination for the Armenians. Sevan's beaches provide a unique experience within the landlocked country for Armenians. The beaches adjacent to hotels are usually privatized. Numerous beaches are located along the entire lake shore. The most popular of them is a stretch on the northern shore, extending northwest from the peninsula. Resorts include Harsnaqar Hotel, Best Western Bohemian Resort, and numerous smaller facilities. Activities include swimming, sunbathing, jet skiing, windsurfing, and sailing. The area also includes numerous campgrounds and picnic areas for daytime use. A less-developed beach destination stretches along the eastern shore from Tsovagyugh to Shorzha, with numerous small cabins at Shorzha. The Avan Marak Tsapatagh Hotel, a Tufenkian Heritage Hotel, is a luxury resort on the undeveloped southeastern shore of the lake near Tsapatagh.